“Korean Thai Football” fever, ghost ticket price jumps 10 times, ticket 165 baht, reissue 1,500 baht

From the first match inThailand national teamHe can attack and score an equalizer.South Korea national team It was an interesting 1-1 in South Korea, which brought the score up.Thai fever national football teamLet it become popular again. This has led to increased demand for tickets to watch the Thai national football team among football fans. Make smart traders sell tickets to speculate (Ghost ticket) which is the price at which it is offered for resale. The price is somewhat higher than usual.

From surveys in the online world there is a ticket holder to watch this match. To be resold at a price more than 10 times higher, e.g

S region card The cheapest price is 165 baht and resells for 1,500 baht.

Region E card Regular price is 295 baht and resale price is 2,300 baht.

W area card Regular price is 560 baht and resale price is 2,500 baht.


Central Bureau of Investigation (CIB) So I recommend football fans who want to buy tickets to watch the football match between the Thai national team. Buy and sell with the South Korean national team with reliable and trustworthy sellers. Or you can use the appointment method to receive tickets. So push slowly. You should not transfer money first because there may becrookUse this opportunity to deceive. Hence unable to encourage the Thai national team on the field

Fever Fever Fever

to 2026 World Cup programme Asia Zone Qualifiers, Match 4, Thailand will meet South Korea on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, at 7:30 pm at Rajamangala Stadium.

pointing to : Central Bureau of Investigation (CIB), Thailand national football team

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