“Chuanchuen Jazz” was shocked! Thieves break into the house, steal a set of shoes, throw away the remains of drug paraphernalia.

“Chuanchuen Jazz” was shocked! Thieves break into the house. A broken house door is found. Several pairs of shoes are stolen from the group. Throwing away drug paraphernalia.

The young actor was in a good mood and was in serious shock. Jazz Quanquan And a young wife Gang Bonasa A thief broke into a house in Minburi. After Nobody There stole several pairs of shoes worth more than 300,000 baht and drug paraphernalia was also found. The person responsible for the incident was posted.

“Chuanchuen Jazz” was shocked! Thieves break into the house with a collection of stolen and lost shoes

Latest (March 25) He explains Post a photo with a message via Instagram profile. @Jangjeet By telling the story of the event: “Today we came to inspect a house in our village, AK, Minpuri. Our house has been uninhabited and has been closed for a long time. We received news that someone broke into the house and lost a pair of jazz shoes.

So he reported the matter to Mainpuri police station. To enter and check it suffices to say that the door to the house was broken and that several pairs of Converse shoes collected by P'Jazz were missing. Drug paraphernalia was found thanks to the Crete Komnoi team and police at Mainburi Police Station who came to take photos and gather details of Bee Jazz's disappearance today. If anyone sees the shoes, I'll explain and post another one. You can tell us the details, and whoever bought it, please call and return it to Minburi Police Station and we will not take any issue.”

Thank you : @Jangjeet

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