“Shunlaban” Digital Wallet “Salermsai” Explains Slams, Who To Choose If Campaigned Borrowed To Give?

“Chulapan”, Deputy Finance Minister, clarified many things. Digital Wallet Collection said that there will be good news on April 10. “Senator Salermzai” slammed if they campaigned that the credit would be distributed. Who should choose Pheu Thai?

On March 25, 2024 at 8:24 pm, Mr Sulban Amornwiwat, Minister of Finance, Explanation in Senate Debate Motion to open public debate in Senate to allow Cabinet to clarify key issues related to government administration without voting. In accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, BE 2017, Article 153, we thank the members of the Senate (Senators) who recognize the importance of the economy. This government is prioritizing people's lives. We know that building a good brand is a soft power principle. A committee has been established to set direction covering 11 sectors: Increasing Thailand's role on the world stage. We aim to upgrade the skills of 20 million Thai people into highly skilled workers. Creative labor also generates at least 4 trillion baht in annual income and 20 million jobs

At the same time, the government is well aware of the problem of inequality. There is a set of policies to expand opportunities that have already been made to generate income, reduce costs and lower energy prices. Software support to generate income from tourism Creating the right economic business at the border Creating income in the agricultural sector, leading markets, additional innovation, increasing income, supporting startups with growth and competitiveness. Income generation in this will equally distribute economic growth and reduce inequality to a certain extent. Another principle is to reduce inequality. Create a better quality of life for people like making the public health system more efficient, raising the dose to 30 baud to treat all diseases. Education reform

We are in the process of further developing Special Economic Zones and Economic Corridors in all 4 regions in terms of spatial disparities, which will fully permeate the society at the regional and regional level. We have to admit that even after 6 months from the government to encourage investment in local industries and attract tourists to help create new entrepreneurs, we are still unable to drive and face the problem of not being able to generate money for investment as planned. The Prime Minister gave him the drive to look into details, find solutions and achieve goals.

Whereas the matter of income trap is less. Thailand is an upper middle income country. (Upper-Middle-Income) Since 2008, the government has always had a vision and guidelines to steer Thailand beyond the middle-income trap. Driven by 8 industries that will drive Thailand's economic and social development to another level. And people can earn income which causes distribution of economy and people live better.

Although we are yet to come to a conclusion on the mechanism that has driven the digital wallet, Mr. Choolaban said. Today's announcement was made within the deadline, and on March 27, 2024, there will be a large board meeting. The information obtained after investigation should be brought to the committee. And there is another meeting on April 10, 2024, which will be the day to finalize the details. For running the scheme of 10,000 baht top-up policy through digital wallet. The target is to start the registration process for traders and citizens in the third quarter of this year and hope to have it by the end of the year. 10,000 baht can be topped up with a digital wallet in the last quarter. Successfully reached people's hands as planned.

“Today we visited the area as a government. Meet your fellow citizens and the economy is not in good shape right now. Crisis or not? We may not be the judge. As the government I can use the power of the state to say whether it is a crisis or not. But in the end, whether it's a crisis or not, everyone has an opinion. We are paid monthly. We may not feel that we are in crisis. Some of the rich don't realize they're in trouble. But the earning brothers and sisters of the people living in rural areas are in a very bad state of economy today. They are in trouble. All of you people's representatives can understand this like me. You know it very well. So, the mechanism of adding 10,000 baht is a mechanism that drives the economy. The cycle is stimulating and we have faith that we will win.

Mr. Sulban further explained that we are a coalition government. The policies of each political party should be carried forward together. So this is the government's policy as stated in Parliament. On the question of whether or not there is an incentive to choose during the election? The election season is over. Compared to other policies like the government welfare card policy, today we want to make progress in solving important problems of the people. The same goes for increasing annuities for senior citizens. It is no different. But thankfully, the Election Commission (EC) understands and points out that these mechanisms are policy. We have a responsibility to our fellow citizens. So it is necessary to progress successfully. Before asserting that this digital money is no different from the money in your account in the form of money transfer on your mobile phone. But there are limits and designated areas. Make sure this money goes down. This will stimulate the economic cycle as planned. Our citizens want an average economic growth of 5% per annum.

Then Senator Mr. Chalermchai Fuengkon stood up and continued to speak. As he was discussing the digital wallet, giving 10,000 baht to each deputy finance minister is equivalent to giving 3,000 baht to each senior citizen. The facts of the Constitution, Article 74, paragraph four, allow for giving away 3,000-4,000 baht, which is not the same as giving 10,000 baht, 16 years and above, which is a campaign allowance. During the campaign the loan was said to have been given and asked who would choose the Pew Thai Party. It also violates Article 162 of the Constitution by not disclosing the source of digital wallet funds.

“Are you going to deny that I did not campaign? It was Setha Taweesin who campaigned on every platform that I did not take loans. How did it end? He came to talk about the debt. Because it's not analyzed, it's not careful, it's not prepared. Let's face it, you weren't careful. He said it was a propaganda technique. not that. When not careful, so I say it is not one, distribute the 3,000-4,000 that other parties claim to give. They have the constitution to give. He takes into account differences between gender, age and individual status such as the Palang Prasara Party. Rum Thai Sung Nation Party also gives up, but they don't give up like you. Else, if you distribute like this, the Election Commission can say. If you say that you can give 20,000 next year, the country will be destroyed. Budget is money, so give it to NACC. Went to check this morning and received a complaint. They have already complained to the Cabinet that the emergence of digital wallets was not included in the policy. This is unconstitutional, Article 162, NACC went to check whether it is wrong or not.

However, Mr. Sulban stood up and replied again that he had asked and that anything suitable would be used. But ensure that the government process is within legal and constitutional framework. The details of the scheme are as per the law in every respect and it will be good news on 10th April.

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