SGP receives 5-star CGR “Excellent” rating for 2023 – Mitihun

Mitti Stock – Led by Siam Gas and Petrochemicals Public Company Limited or SGB Mr. Subachai Weerabornpong The Managing Director reported that it was listed as a listed company with good corporate governance at the level of 5 stars or “Excellent” (Excellent CG Scoring) for the first year in the Corporate Governance Survey of Listed Companies (Corporate Governance). Thai Listed Company Report 2023 by the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) under the auspices of the Stock Exchange of Thailand: CGR. and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) strengthen the company’s operational efficiency. Focuses on developing good corporate governance and driving a sustainable growing business

This reflects the commitment of the Board of Directors. And the board of directors conducts business ethically in accordance with the principles of good governance and resists all forms of corruption, including being accountable to the community, society, shareholders and all related parties. In line with the group’s vision, “Siam Gas Company” is a leader in conducting global energy business.

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