A family of 12 people can eat whatever they want. This meal costs ten thousand. He disappeared without paying. Teach your children like this?

A family of 12 people can eat whatever they want. The cost of food has risen to more than 10,000. He sits and smiles, waiting for the employees to accidentally run away in less than one minute. The restaurant is angry and demands that they return and pay off the debt.

Date: November 1, 2023 Website LadBible A restaurant in Cornwall, England, reportedly came out to expose the behavior of a group of customers who pretended to come in and eat a large meal. Before relying on the employee’s negligence the entire gang fled in less than a minute, leaving behind a food bill worth £260.50 (about 11,400 baht). By threatening that if this group of customers did not come to pay their outstanding food bill all information would be sent to the police.

The incident occurred at the Britannia Hotel and Restaurant in late October. The store said the group of 12 customers included adults and children. He came to buy food at the restaurant on the afternoon of October 28 between 2:00pm and 4:00pm, before leaving the restaurant without paying.

For the food the family ordered there was a beef steak worth £25 (about 1,000 baht), lasagna for £17.50 (about 760 baht), as well as other food for the children, including sausages, chips, pasta, chicken nuggets and beer. The total cost of the meal was £260.50.

The store employee opened his doors to the media, saying: It is clear that this sword pulling was planned. These people did not order the largest or most expensive dish. This will make the employees satisfied. They ordered shared dishes to share. He did not display rude behavior but when looking at CCTV footage, it was found that people in the group were always watching the staff.

These people waited for their chance until the moment the employee left the room. So they quickly ran out the door. By pretending to take the children to play in the park, the time the employee left the room took only 45 seconds. But when the employees returned, this group of customers had all fled.

After the store released the revealing photos along with a request for information from netizens who recognize this group of people, there was an update stating that the restaurant had received the names of all the adults at the table. If this customer does not show up to pay the outstanding invoice. The name will be sent to the police. Initially, the store had already reported the matter.

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