Scientists identify 90 million-year-old fossil bones belonging to a new type of “dinosaur”

(Photo from Xinhua archives: Fossilized bones of the Ganditan cavocodatus dinosaur were discovered at a construction site in the Qanxian District of Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, east China, on January 30, 2024.)

Nanchang, January 31, 2019 (Xinhua) – A team of Chinese paleontologists has discovered fossilized dinosaur bones. Which dates back to the Cretaceous period, that is, about 90 million years ago, and is believed to be a new type of dinosaur that was later called “Ganditan Cavoudatus.”

Wang Lingyun, deputy curator of the Jiangxi Geology Museum, said that fossilized dinosaur bones were discovered at a construction site in the Qanxian District of Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, east China. As of June 2021

The museum cooperates with the University of Geosciences of China (Wuhan) and the Jiangxi Geological Survey and Research Institute. They began joint work on the restoration and research of the above-mentioned dinosaur bone fossils in the same year.

Han Feng Lu, project team leader from the university in central China's Hubei Province The new titanosaur sauropod is said to be part of the larger titanosaur family. The total fossils discovered represent about 40 percent of the skeleton of this type of dinosaur. Which has a completeness and accuracy that is difficult to find in the world

Part of the fossil bones discovered were six fragmented cluster vertebrae, two upper vertebrae, and the last vertebra was intact. In addition to the first seventeen caudal joints and part of the right pelvis. This intact spine results in an estimated total body length of 14 metres, which is relatively small among sauropods.

This discovery was published in the journal Systematic Paleontology on January 17, and has important implications for the study of the evolution of dinosaurs and their ancient geographical distribution, as this species dates back to the Cretaceous period.

(Photo from Xinhua Archive: Drawing of a replica of the dinosaur “Kanditan Cavocodatus”
(Photo from Xinhua Archive: Fossil bone of the dinosaur “Ganditan cavocaudatus”)
(Photo from Jiangxi Geology Museum: The area where the dinosaur bone fossil “Canditan Cavocordatus” was discovered in 2021)

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