Gold price today (31 Jan 2024) closes trading market “up to 100 baht” : PPTVHD36

Today's gold price (31 Jan 2024) closed the trading market “up to 100 Baht” throughout the day, moving 3 times.

Gold Traders Association January 31, 2024 gold price announcement, close of trade, price “up 100 baht” from previous day.

Thai Credit Bank has set an IPO price of 29.00 baht/share and is opening for institutional sales today.

The insurance business is gearing up to sell all-electric car insurance policies by mid-year.

  • Gold bars are bought at 34,100.00 baht/baht gold and sold at 34,200.00 baht/baht gold.
  • Gold Jewellery: Buy back gold at 33,488.44 baht/baht and sell gold at 34,700.00 baht/baht.
  • 1 gold, price including gratuity is 9,050 baht.
  • 2 gold, price including gratuity 17,600 baht.
  • Half Salung gold, price including gratuity is 4,775 baht.

Short-term gold prices are still in a sideways trend with critical resistance at the $2,040 level. Today, gold prices are expected to reach $2,025 and resistance at $2,045. Gold Online Futures support frame at $2,050 and resistance at $2,070, and Gold Comex is expected to have 2,045 cents and resistance frame. 2,065 paise level. Thailand has started to test the gold price.

A short-term support level is 34,000 baht per gold baht. From the strengthening baht today, the Thai gold price is expected to have a support level of 33,800 baht/gold baht. And there is resistance at 34,200 baht/gold baht

Gold prices had strong buying power at the opening of the market, around $2,048, before falling back to $2,037, while the overall value of the baht strengthened significantly by around 38 satang from 35.68 baht per dollar. It fell to 35.30 baht per dollar. This morning it was 35.46 baht per dollar. Due to this, the overall price of gold in the world market started to rise. By moving up to test the upper resistance line at the level of 2,040 coins.

For today's US economic numbers, that means the ADP non-farm payrolls change is expected to decrease from earlier, while the Chicago PMI is expected to increase from earlier. Follow the results of the Fed meeting at 2:00 PM tonight, which is expected to keep interest rates on hold.

Source: Gold Traders Association / Mae Thong Suk

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