Salva thanks Big Odd after working together for 6 years.


Salvador Valero Garcia, former coach of the Thailand Youth National Team, sent a message of thanks to Big Odd after the end of his term and his resignation from his position as “President of the Federation.”

The aftermath of the “Big Aod” General Dr. Somyot Purple Bush's term has officially ended. After serving as President of the Thai Football Association for 8 years and co-leading the Ekono team, he came to work with the Thai national team and one of them was the Spanish coach Salvador Valero Garcia. Who had the opportunity to work with the association for 6 years as a trainer for the “War Elephants” army in the younger generation

Written by Salpa posted on “Big Odd” website that… “On the last day of the FA presidency. I would like to thank Prime Minister Somyot. For the support and give us 6 years to work with you. The Thai football world will always remember you as a great leader. We hope in the future you will be able to “We have the opportunity to meet again. Good luck to you and your family.”

For Salvador Valero Garcia, the head coach from Spain, he is one of Echono's employees. She signed a contract with the Thai Football Association in 2017 and worked to sponsor the youth of the Thai national team in the U-14 age group. After that, she moved to sponsor the U-15 national team, the U-16 national team, and the U-16 national team. The 17 and U-20 team is working as a coach, while Salba’s latest work is leading the U-20 team. Eliminated in the preliminary round of the 2023 AFC U-20 Championship.

Image source: Salva Valero Garcia

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