A young woman is shocked when a curious employee asks for beef and offers pork, but she does not accept it when she says “sprinkle salt” in front of the store. She learns the meaning and is shocked!

The girls share great experiences about eating at a barbecue restaurant. The shop owner hurriedly came out to explain. But netizens read it and got more bans!

Ms. M (pseudonym) said that on February 2, she and her friends went to eat at a famous restaurant in Hanoi. They ordered a buffet at VND 339,000 per person where they could eat all kinds of meat available in the restaurant. Because she doesn't like to eat pork. Therefore, only beef dishes were ordered.

However, after serving two dishes, I noticed that I received a portion of meat. “It's not like beef,” the employee asked. He received the answer that it was “pork” and was forced to refuse to receive it. Because she doesn't eat pork.

At this time, a female employee standing in front of the counter had an “unpleasant” expression on her face and stared at her. He also said “If you don't eat it, you have to tell me from the beginning…” which made her quickly explain what was wrong. But the employee still expressed her dissatisfaction. Only one other male employee stood up to apologize.

When faced with this type of attitude from the employee, Mr. M and his friend decided to end their meal. They then left the store to finish, but while they were waiting for the car in front of the store, Mrs. M saw an employee carrying a container of something and leaving it in front of the store. Before my friend explained this to her, what I do is “sprinkle salt and rice,” which according to belief is “expelling ghosts.”

Because the attitude and behavior of the restaurant staff is unacceptable. Mrs. M decided to share this experience on social networks. It immediately received the attention of netizens, and the majority of comments saw the employee's position on this matter as truly unacceptable.

Facing a boycott from the online community, the restaurant owner had to come forward and speak officially about the incident. I admit that there was a misunderstanding in the order of the actual symptoms. But the accident was not as serious as the client described. He emphasized that there was no exorcism but it was just something usually prepared to be offered to the gods.

In addition, the restaurant owner also said that after your post. This caused the restaurant and its employees to be attacked by much of the public opinion.

But after the shop owner gave a long and difficult explanation, moreover, netizens do not understand what he is trying to convey and only see the situation. Furthermore, many people commented that they gave the owner a perfect 10 points for their commitment to “Protect Your Loved Ones” because of the relationship between the store owner and the employee.

Currently, posts about this incident are still attracting the attention of netizens.

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