NHSO joins hands with Kasetsart University to develop health research with the hope of “building a maternal health system”.

NHSO joins hands with Faculty of Science Kasetsart University to develop innovative research on health and quality of life Knowledge exchange Promote data science workforce productivity Hope to improve Thailand health system

On February 9, 2020, the National Health Security Office (NHSO) and the Faculty of Sciences of Cassettard University held a signing ceremony for a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Academic Cooperation on Research, Knowledge and Innovation Development. Health and Quality of Life Knowledge Transfer and Promotion of Productivity and Development of Science and Information Workforce at Chulabhorn 60th Anniversary Science Research Center Building at Faculty of Science Kasetsart University on February 9, 2024

Deputy Secretary General of NHSO Dr. Lalithaya Kongam said: The NHSO is responsible for managing the Defense Fund. National Health Protecting access to health services for more than 47 million Thai people with National Health Insurance rights, including all rights for more than 66.8 million Thai people, welfare packages and improving service innovation and disease prevention services Caring for people to receive quality services Use research data for job development and Empirical evidence leads to decision-making at the policy level, or in other words, making policy decisions using empirical data. It is important to direct the policy towards
Concrete practice

Additionally, the NHSO Operational Plan for the years 2023-2027 no. 5 also lays down strategies for speeding up administration. Big data management and use including returning information to relevant agencies for public, service units and joint use. By producing information ready for distribution in the form of open data, information can be used efficiently.

At the same time, NHSO supports and promotes academic collaboration and research by setting research questions that can be used to improve the health insurance system, in relation to research and innovation medicine and public health to create bi-links in academia. Open data support and data access channels according to the research design framework. Join us to learn how to analyze data according to given problems

“NHSO is very happy. A MoU signing ceremony was held with the Faculty of Science. We are pleased to support the development of graduates in Data Science at Kasetsart University. Biomedical informatics discovery should be compatible with NHSO's expertise in clinical and public health research and meet the needs of the country and I sincerely hope this collaboration will achieve the intended results,” said NHSO Deputy Secretary General.

Associate Professor. Dr. Abhisit Kongsachen, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University said Faculty of Science, Cassatt University It is a faculty that brings together academic knowledge resources in various related fields. with Medicine and Public Health and has developed a master's degree program in Biomedical Data Science, a program that integrates the disciplines of statistics, computers, mathematics, and subjects affiliated with the Faculty of Public Health. Including Framongutclaw College of Medicine in producing graduates in biomedical data science. Based on data findings for clinical and public health research, including knowledge development. Making connections in medical technology and innovation academics, research and innovation. Relating to medicine and public health

“This collaboration aims to encourage and support the production and development of personnel in the field of data science management knowledge transfer and the use of biostatistics, epidemiology and data discovery methods to analyze clinical and public health data using health information for in-depth analysis and integration. Collaborate to create, develop and expand research and innovation. “In order to use the results to make policy decisions that will lead to further development of the country's health policy on health and quality of life, including working,” said Associate Professor Dr. Abhisit.

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