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Realme C67 Take a tour Top 5 Attractions in Yaowarat District Let us welcome the Chinese New Year in a happy, happy and lucky way!

Prepare for activities and promotions. I like both the shopping type and the bellowing type. And promotions at the event Thailand Mobile Phone Exhibition 8-11 February

During Chinese New Year 2024! We believe that both Thai and Chinese Sai Mo should definitely not miss this event. Because Chinese New Year is considered the day of the turning of a new era according to the lunar calendar, which the ancients considered very sacred and magical, and suitable for worshiping Buddha, asking for blessings and warding off bad luck, today Realme C67 will take you on a tour of 5 places to worship Buddha – ask for blessings from the gods to increase prosperity. And take pictures of happy occasions with the latest camera technology so you can capture every magical moment in the most beautiful and impressive way. Turn you into an artistic artist easily, just use Realme C67, all in one device!

Starting from the famous Grand Temple of Mo Yang Calligraphy. Wat Mangkon Kamuluat (Ling Nei Yi) Which is considered a “must have” for the Chinese New Year Festival. Inside the temple there is a large space filled with different shrines to different deities, so you can enjoy it. With professional 24mm, 72mm and 120mm zoom performance, and several special filters specifically for Street mode, you can be sure that you will be able to have a great time taking photos in this little shrine.

Let's continue our way to the famous shrine nearby.Kuan Yin Shrine Thien Fah Foundation Featured with a statue of Guan Yin and Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara in blessing pose. It is believed that by praying for health and warding off illness, your wish will be fulfilled. This temple does not seem difficult to photograph because the only landmark is Kuan Yin. But with the golden tone of the bodhisattva illuminated by the bright light. This can cause the image to appear overly photogenic if the camera sensor is not good enough. But don't worry because the Realme C67 comes with a flagship-level sensor like the Samsung S5KHM6, at 1.67 inches, which in addition to supporting up to 3x lossless zoom, also measures color and light accurately. Allows you to take beautiful Kuan Yin face photos as far as the eye can see.

Another shrine in Yaowarat district is worth visiting to pray forLing Buai Ea Shrine Teochew Shrine is the oldest in Thailand, dating back more than 300 years, and is the only building of its kind featuring Chinese architecture. In front of you is a beautiful dragon pillar. I give you the opportunity to try it. With the 108MP camera feature of Realme C67, it will help you capture diverse atmospheres clearly with 3x sensor zoom (sensor zoom) technology without losing details. It allows you to take sharp, close-up photos of each deity from a distance. No matter how crowded the place is, you will definitely get beautiful photos that you will like.

Example of image enlargement 1 Equal 3 times and 5 Equal

For people who want to have a partner or are already looking for someone and really want to end up together, you must like this place. Because he is famous for asking for a soul mate. Including children's request, that is.Lee Ti Meo Shrine It is a quiet shrine and there are not many tourists, and of course you can spend some time making wishes and enjoying taking pictures. Specially for portrait photography, Realme C67 offers portrait lenses at 1X and 3X distances, which can dissolve the background beautifully. With retouching function helps blend the target's skin to look beautiful and smooth in all lighting conditions. Whether filming outside the courtroom or inside a building with uneven lighting.

Example of selfies from Realme C67

For real moose when coming to Yaowarat area, you should consider thisShrine of the Godfather TigerNot far from each other there is a deity in the shrine: Hiang Thiang Siang Ti. (Tiger Godfather) is a sacred god and is deeply worshipped. Upon entering the shrine, the area is not very wide and many spots are quite dark. Plus the fact that there are many people coming to make their wishes almost throughout the year. Therefore, it may be difficult to take pictures. But with ISOCELL 2.0 camera sensor technology, Realme C67 can quickly collect a lot of light even in low light conditions or at night, helping you take beautiful and sharp Tiger Shrine photos with less noise or noise.

In addition to being outstanding in terms of cameras, realme C67 also uses a 6nm process chip, Snapdragon 685 CPU, dual stereo speakers for the first time in the C series, with a beautiful and slim body design of only 7.59mm. Most importantly, realme C67 has Also with IP54 waterproof and dustproof features, it is the first model in the C series as well, as well as Mini Capsule 2.0 feature to meet the fun usage needs of the new generation in every lifestyle!

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Moreover 3 The leading smartphone sales center is ready to participate in the Chinese New Year celebration with Realmi in a big way at the event. Thailand Mobile Phone Exhibition since 8-11 February at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre

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Date: 10/2/2024

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