SABUY, CLOSE THE FLOOR, WHO LEAVES! MGI launches cosmetics products through “Sabai” cabinets.>> “Sabai Technology” (SABUY) hits the ground running. UOB Kay Hia Securities expects a large number of shares of 30 million shares to arrive from major shareholders. The money did not go to the company, while MGI immediately lost 37.80 million baht, bought shares at 4.50 baht, and cooperation with partners has not yet taken place. Nawat-Ingfa announced on April 4 the launch of beauty brand products in the Sabuy Vending Plus wardrobe.

SABUY Technology, a leading technology and financial innovation company. It was sold off heavily on the afternoon of April 3, 2024 until the price completely collapsed to the ground, closing at 3.24 baht -1.40 baht or -30.17% with a trading value of 414.50 million baht, flipping the picture from April 1. Last year, the price rose to a maximum of 5.50 baht after Miss Grand International (MGI) announced its participation in holding 30 million shares, or 1.7%, at 4.50 baht per share, and spending a total of 135 million baht to buy shares from Mr. Cho. Kiat Rujanapornpajee hopes to use SABUY has various sales channels and systems covering the country to expand its business.

In the same time period, on the afternoon of April 3, MGI shares were flowing down with unusual force. The price fell to 23 baht before bouncing back to close at 25 baht, falling.
-3.50 baht or -12.28%, turnover 271.66 million baht, SABUY stock price on the floor reached 3.24 baht, resulting in MGI losing 1.26 baht per share, equivalent to about 37.80 million baht.

Kitphon Praipaisankit, Director of Analysis and Strategy at UOB Kay Hian Securities (Thailand), said that the share prices of Sabai Technology (SABUY) and Miss Grand International Company (MGI) saw a downward revision, expecting it to be a result of the decline in share prices. SABUY MGI stock trading deal to invest in It is a personal matter for major shareholders to reduce their shareholding percentage. It may be good but there is no money coming into the company. The entry of MGI company, although it is a good result, the market is still suspicious. They are not confident of the good results for the new shareholders and do not have any immediate impact on the company. It still takes time.

Technical signals for SABUY stock have been in a downtrend since it reached a peak of 38 baht and then gradually declined, with no signs of reversal yet. Ready to look at the support level of 2.60 baht and the resistance level of 4.40 baht. As for MGI stock, the technical signal is declining, after falling by 39 baht, it continues to decline. Ready to look at the support level of 23 baht, if it is broken, it will continue to decline, as for the resistance level of 27.50 baht.

On April 2, there were 7 large lots of SABUY shares, totaling 56.20 million shares, with a trading value of 252.90 million baht, trading at an average price of 4.50 baht per share.

In addition, MGI's stock price has declined since yesterday. Analysts believe this is a result of investors not believing or not seeing the image of MGI executives using additional capital to invest in SABUY and many things that MGI still takes time to prove.

Meanwhile, MGI will hold a press conference tomorrow (April 4) from 1:00pm to 3:00pm to launch the brand's beauty products in the Sabuy Vending Plus closet through the SABUY alliance of Mr. Noat Isararisil and Ingvah Waraha. Contribute information to the Miss Thailand Grand Contest

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