Handsome Art Passot shares a stall next to Mai Puna to sell things without taking a single baht.

From a dramatic situation “Mai bo na” Crying and crying on 'Unchairs' show after posting a banner demanding nearly 300,000 baht from a famous comedian “Jackaboom, please smile.” But the other party was reported to the police after the famous comedy tour ended. Even today he announced that he is preparing for ordination and asked for forgiveness.

Latest “Art Basut Panyam” I feel sorry for Mai Bona. Because I understand sellers' feelings too. So he extended his hand to help Mai Puna again. By requesting that a space be allocated in the pavilion to sell products. All income goes to Mai Bona, not a single baht is taken.

Written by Art Phasut, who was revealed on Tok Mun Ban Bun, revealing: “Now I can call my aunt. My aunt said she would come to my booth tomorrow around 4:00pm, usually when she goes to a stall selling stuff because it's not popular. People might be less interested in it. But I'm popular and I come to sell things at the booth every day. I will be sharing some of my suite space with my aunt. Let the aunt sell it next to you. I will help you stand by and sell. I give all the income to my aunt.

Additionally, he posted on Instagram, “I understand the sellers’ feelings. I want to support Auntie Bo Na. It should be delicious (I like to eat ong bo too). I already called auntie. “You should be busy with orders.”

Including the latest update of Art Pasut Mai Bona came to take a booth with her on April 4th at 3:00 PM at Central Westgate, 1st Floor. Women's livelihood event in front of AIIZ store. You can stop by and help support each other.

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