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Chelsea statement defending Gallagher Pochettino asks to stop accusing his team of racism

On April 3, Chelsea FC issued a statement after netizens shared a clip from the stadium entrance tunnel ahead of Chelsea's Premier League match against Burnley last weekend. The clip is the moment the mascot boy walks side-by-side with one of the Chelsea players onto the pitch. Hands were raised in hopes of shaking hands with Chelsea captain Conor Gallagher. To which Gallagher turned and patted the other boy on the shoulder. He then turned to greet the others without shaking the mascot boy's hand at all.

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Later, netizens criticized Gallagher. They are racist. Because he refused to shake hands with a black boy. Many netizens posted criticism of Gallagher on Instagram. Some people use violent insults. Some demanded his removal from the England squad.

Chelsea's statement read: The club is aware of the videos shared on social media from last weekend's match. People have interpreted the passage differently than the facts. This has led to abusive messages and direct accusations being sent towards Conor Gallagher, which is unacceptable. The club prides itself on being a football team that allows people from all cultures, communities and societies to participate on an inclusive basis.

This season, Gallagher played a key role for Chelsea's team under coach Mauricio Pochettino, especially since many of the midfield players were suffering from injuries. Which made him the focus of attention of many teams such as Tottenham Hotspur.

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Pochettino said: The incident made him very angry. Because no one was going to do that for sure. Gallagher took many clips and photos. They treated the two mascot boys very well. When you play football you have to focus on many things. Sometimes things like this can happen. But people often try to find fault in order to attack others. He knew Gallagher and others. In this club it's good. There was absolutely no way to do this on purpose.

The Chelsea coach confirmed that Gallagher is a good kid who cares about everything. It is disgusting that people would try to find a way to attack others in this way. It's very easy to gang up and insult others, especially in this day and age. When things like this happen, we should not give importance to those who like to create stories and attack others. He begged him to stop. Anyone who thought Gallagher was intentionally ignoring the mascot didn't deserve to be bullied like that. No one should.

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