Earthquake in Taiwan: More than 130 people are stuck in the tunnel after a landslide blocked the entrance.

The horrific Taiwan earthquake had more than 130 people in cars stuck in a mountain tunnel. Highway connection because a landslide occurred and blocked the tunnel entrance. After the earthquake that shook Taiwan, the most violent in 25 years

Taiwan Fire Department Progress report on the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that shook Taiwan on the morning of April 3, 2024, trapping at least 131 people in various tunnels. Especially in Hualien urban area. A tourist city on the east coast of Taiwan that received the most severe damage and also caused landslides and many stones fell from the mountain. The entrance to these mountain tunnels that connect to the highway is closed.

Authorities estimate that about 60 people are trapped in the tunnel. In the Jinuin Tunnel north of Hualien City due to a landslide coming down the mountain. About 50 Silks Place Hotel staff were also stuck in four minibuses heading to the hotel in Taroko National Park. Also known as Taroko, it is the second largest national park in Taiwan. Which is about 25 kilometers north of Hualien City.

A violent landslide occurred from a mountain in Hualien City. On the east coast of Taiwan after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake occurred on the morning of April 3, 2024

Rescue teams are currently working hard to help victims stuck in road tunnels, especially in Hualien City. A famous tourist city in Taiwan that includes mountains and sea. Which is located near the epicenter of this earthquake, and this led to the death of at least 9 other people and the injury of more than 800 others.

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