The Taiwan earthquake hit semiconductor manufacturing plant DSMC, temporarily shutting down the plant

Earthquake Occurs at magnitude 7.5 Taiwan As of yesterday morning (April 3), there were at least 9 more deaths, 1,011 injuries and 143 missing. Many areas are still assessing the damage. Including the manufacturing industry, the press release said Semiconductor manufacturing plant Or the computer chip forced the temporary closure of many of Taiwan's factories. and evacuate workers from dangerous areas, one of which includes a factory A Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing company or TSMC (DSMC) is the world's largest chip maker. This is Apple Inc. and manufactures chips for the world's biggest technology companies, such as Nvidia Corp.

TSMC had to temporarily close some factories yesterday (April 3) and evacuate workers to safer areas, Bloomberg News reported. But it did not mention that the factory that temporarily halted production was a branch in Taiwan. However, the company said it could resume production soon.

TSMC's statement said initial inspections did not show damage to any of the plant's critical machinery. There was some damage to production equipment at some factories, including chipmaking machines that use advanced UV lithography technology. The company hopes to be able to return to normal production in the short term.

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