RUARK AUDIO penetrates the luxury market. Introducing 5 new models of desktop speakers and radios to meet the trend of the fast-growing luxury home market.

RUARK AUDIO, a famous brand from England. Introducing 5 new models of smart speakers and table radios R1S, R2, R3S, MR1 and R410, penetrating the premium audio market in Thailand. Catching up with the trend of the rapidly growing luxury home market Ready to deliver innovations in the field of audio power Ready to experience superior entertainment Catering to the needs of every modern family lifestyle.

Lakwat Rayancharounsuk Director of Administration and Business Development, Kwan Co., Ltd He revealed that the trend in choosing housing for modern families focuses on searching for homes that reflect success in life. Pay attention to the elegant, simple and distinct design with a unique identity. As a result, demand in the luxury home market has grown continuously over the past year or two up to the present. This expansion is reflected in the growth figures in the luxury homes market. Information from the Real Estate Information Center The State Housing Bank (REIC) stated that in the first quarter of 2023 alone, as many as 186 units were launched, with an average price of 80-100 million baht per unit. It makes it possible to see the market opportunities and financial capacity of the purchasing power group in the luxury home market who are looking for high quality audio equipment from England that will create a home entertainment experience with world class technology.

Launch of the brand and products RUARK AUDIO, a speaker and audio equipment brand from England. Leading the way in innovation and home entertainment this time led by the unique new R1S, R2, R3S, MR1 and R410 smart speakers and desktop radios. Highlighting its distinctive features of simplicity and classicism, focusing on simple, elegant and modern color tones, suitable for every interior design. Giving a sense of luxury as a prominent piece of furniture in line with the trend of the rapidly growing luxury home market in Thailand.

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“RUARK AUDIO is a leading home entertainment innovator in speakers and audio systems that creates innovations that meet the needs of every lifestyle of people in the digital age. Each model is designed to have easy-to-use, uncomplicated functions, as well as cutting-edge sound quality. We want to Customers who love music enjoy realistic sound. Enjoy high-end entertainment that is superior to listening to generic music. This year we will focus more on marketing communications. So that consumers can understand the product and see the excellence of the product. We will also develop a better trading system or after-sales service. So that they like Consumers have their place in music, have new experiences and are as satisfied as possible. Laquat He says

Specialties of Ruark Audio, the leading headphones brand from England. Having traveled for 38 years since 1985, the brand was born from the O’Rourke family’s passion for music. In 2006, the R1 was launched as a portable device. It was the first desktop speaker which received a good response from people who love listening to music and after that there was research and development to design products to meet the needs of the target group as much as possible.

Richard McKinney Rourke Audio Sales Manager A marketing plan in Thailand aims to create brand awareness and image through public relations. Highlighting the selling point with the new R1S, R2, R3S, MR1 and R410 desktop speakers and radios that have been upgraded with their functions to meet usage needs. Ready to set sound quality standards to be more efficient. There is also a plan to create content and broadcast real product user experiences across social media, along with promoting online and offline marketing strategies. By joining with many leading brand partners such as dotlife, iStudio, Asavasopon, Central Department Store, Power Buy, Power Mall, Munkong Gadget and other stores to enable the brand to expand the market to consumers faster. Make the brand widely known and customers will have more access to the products.

“Today I am excited to introduce Ruark Audio, a speaker and audio brand that uses advanced technology designed to create a unique experience. Made by the best experts in audio engineers, architects and interior designers. It is an innovation that comes from research and development that has quality and standards. Ready to raise The level of music listening with world-class technology. So that everyone can experience the utmost perfection in sound and the best entertainment. In addition to making everyone’s stay at home a fun, comfortable and happy time. Richard He says

Roark Audio R1S, R2, R3S, MR1 and R410

To highlight the products launched at the event there are 5 new models of smart speakers and desktop radios as follows:

1) The R1S model comes with a classic design. Designed in wood tones and fresh shades of gray to create a luxurious feel. Thus, it blends with the decor of every style of home. Combined with superior realistic sound. It’s ready to support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, and can stream music widely through leading music listening apps like Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music. It also has a function to remember up to 6 devices and is another great feature of the R1S. It is a full color TFT screen device that displays time, alarms and program information clearly. There is also a light sensor that automatically adjusts the screen to suit the lighting level. This makes it possible to place it next to the bed without disturbing your rest.

2) Model R2 It comes with a fully upgraded stereo sound system, easy to use, hassle-free, can be operated via RotoDial controller and LCD screen, supports music streaming through Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music, and can be connected via Bluetooth. With DAB, FM and Internet Radio Receiver As for the design, this model has a sleek and elegant look. Which makes it another good option to use to decorate everyone’s home space.

3) R3S model The design still maintains the original standards and uniqueness. Focus on simplicity, elegance and modernity, along with improved sound quality. It also adds STEREO+ audio processing, making every sound detail crisp, clear and realistic. In addition, the R3S has a new Bluetooth 5 receiver that uses the latest 5.2 firmware that allows for more efficient connectivity. The Bluetooth function also works seamlessly with the volume controls. Audio on smartphones and tablets.

4) MR1 model Released in 2013, the MR1 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System is widely considered to be the best. Ready to highlight your point of sale with a compact design. This makes it more attractive to design-conscious customers. Whether it’s a rich, classic walnut color or a soft grey, it’s designed to look contemporary and cool. Ready to be placed in different locations.

5) Model R410 In his heart is a powerful wizard. It can support high-resolution audio files. Including built-in streaming via Spotify, Tidal Connect, Apple Airplay 2 and Chromecast, aptX HD Bluetooth can connect to DAB, DAB+, FM and Internet radio receivers. The design emphasizes simplicity and simplicity. With tones that are pleasing to the eye, it makes you feel relaxed. Ready to design your display vertically. To mimic the way you watch music programs on your smartphone. Making it easy and convenient to use.

Those interested can own high-quality speakers and audio equipment from RUARK AUDIO today. Starting price is the R1S model at 16,990 baht, the R2 and MR1 models at 20,990 baht, the R3S model at 39,990 baht, and the R410 model at 67,900 baht (not yet available for sale). Maximum 2 year warranty on all parts.Complete* Available in 5 dotlife stores, including Central World, Siam Paragon, Icon Siam, Mega Bangna, Central Phuket, and in Showroom Asavasopon, 4 branches: Siam Paragon, Central Pinklao, Central East.Ville and Ramkhamhaeng or you can order through online channels at or

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