5 Petchabun animal quarantine chief killed in brutal shootout A pig seller angered by raids on his cold storage warehouse.

A professional vet was brutally shot dead. Phetchabun Animal Quarantine Head A horribly mutilated body is a rich man’s talent for selling pork. He was immediately arrested by the police for causing the incident. Revealing the mystery behind the death of the deceased, they have requested to search the cold storage room where it was reported that pork was being secretly smuggled across the border for sale.

On the afternoon of October 11, 2023, Police Lt. Col. Pidak Deesang, investigating officer of the Ban Klang Police Station, was informed. A government official was shot dead and another was injured, so a doctor on duty at Lom Sak Hospital examined the evidence with a team of police officers. and Kok Sai Lom Chak Rescue Unit House No. 9/9 Village No. 1, Chang Dalut Sub-District, Lom Sak District, Phetchabun Province rushed to check. The incident site was a large cold storage and residential building. And some are building slaughterhouses

When they arrived at the scene, the gun-toting Mr. Anusorn Donchavan or Chia Nu, 57, was seen walking around with a gun. The authorities immediately arrested him. Check the floor in the building with the guns used in the crime. Mr. The body of Saraud Prajong, 50, a veterinarian, was found. The head of Phetchabun Animal Quarantine Station was shot a total of 5 times with a 9mm gun and died on the spot in a pool of blood. While wearing the uniform of Government servant under Livestock Development Department

Another injured person, whose name is Mr. Phongpantha Sreesuvan, 50, sustained minor injuries in the hip from the firing. The Kok Sai rescue team then rushed him to Lom Chak Hospital. To heal wounds

The investigation revealed that the deceased this morning were 2 male and 1 female officers, a total of 4, who went to search the spot. Mr. Upon receiving information that Anusorn or Sia Nu was secretly smuggling pork across the border to sell in the area. It was an offense against the Livestock Act and the deceased entered into negotiations and stated that he was demanding to enter and search. and take pork into the study but there is some debate. The deceased later returned with a police officer, who was stationed at a guard post near the scene of the crime.

When the deceased arrived, officers cordoned off the area. The pork was seized in the cold room for testing, while police officers waited outside. When he was ready to report the charge of not participating in the performance of duties and report the arrest, Mr. Anusorn took a 9 mm gun from his waist and fired 5 rounds at the deceased, who immediately fainted and died on the spot, and the shrapnel exploded and hit Mr. Phongpantha. Slight bruising occurred. As for the other two officers, they ran to avoid the gunfire before running dead outside the building. Earlier, a police security box was at the scene. He will help the centurion working on the radio to arrest him.

The police then stopped him. Armed with a gun, he went to Ban Klang police station for questioning and charged him with intentional homicide and killing an officer in the line of duty. Legal action will be taken.

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