Hundreds of Israeli bodies were found in Al-Aqsa, and children, women and the elderly were not excluded. Some bodies were beheaded: PPTVHD36

Israeli soldiers and several foreign media traveled to the farming community of Far Asa. Many bodies of Israelis were found, including children, women, and elderly people, some of whom were beheaded.

warning: Contains content that may be distressing.

The agricultural settlement of Kfar Azza is located in southern Israel. It was a quiet, green area. Surrounded by palm trees and banana trees. But when the Israeli army and several foreign media entered yesterday (October 10), and spent more than 12 hours, the pictures came to light. It is an atmosphere of death and dried blood

Upon scanning, Israeli soldiers and journalists found many bodies of Israeli civilians. Whether adults, children, women or the elderly, no one is saved.

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Major General Itay Verov of the Israeli army said: “Mothers, fathers, children and young families died in their beds, in their shelters, in their kitchens, in their gardens… This is not a war, this is not a battlefield, this is a war.” “It’s a massacre.”

On October 7, the first day the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched an attack against Israel, it sent infiltrating fighters to drain its bases, and the agricultural settlement of Far Azza was one of the first that Hamas could reach. He turned a quiet morning for 750 people in this farming community into hell.

Even the community has a security guard and the homes have escape rooms. But they are like many high-ranking officials in the Israeli army and government. That is, they were not prepared to deal with the invaders pouring in from Gaza.

David Ben Zion, deputy commander of Unit 71, the paratrooper unit leading Israeli forces to Al-Aqsa, said Hamas killed many villagers. And destroy some bodies

They killed and beheaded some of the bodies. It was a terrifying thing to witness… We must remember who the enemy is. What is our mission? Fairness means that there is a right side. “The whole world must stand with us,” Ben Zion said.

The deputy commander of Unit 71 also said: “Hamas is killing families, including children. It’s just a killing machine that killed everyone who was defenseless, had nothing, was just an ordinary citizen who wanted to have breakfast, that’s all.

He added: “Thank God we were able to save the lives of the families and children of many other families. Unfortunately, some of the bodies were burned by Molotov bombs. They were extremely cruel.” Just like animals.”

Another officer points to a purple sleeping bag stained with blood. The swollen toe came out and he said that the deceased was a woman. She was murdered and beheaded on her front lawn.

One evidence of this is that Hamas’ attacks were rapid. There are still cups of milk and coffee on the table of one house. This indicates that breakfast for the aforementioned family is about to begin. With the kitchen floor stained with blood stains

Besides, at home, some bodies were lying in the gardens or in the streets. The death toll in Far Azza was so great that it took morgue teams several hours to collect all the bodies. The houses were full of signs of battle. Some homes were destroyed. There were burned cars and piles of broken furniture scattered around.

Occupation soldiers warned journalists traveling to the area to stay away from homes that had not been searched. Because there may be landmines installed.

The bodies of a number of Hamas fighters were also found. But the Israeli army decided to leave it to rot in the sun. Near their bodies was a motorcycle they used to storm the community.

Compiled from BBC / Watchman

Photo by Jacques Guez/AFP

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