Real or fake? The former couple broke up and couldn’t break it off. Back into a relationship again? |

Talk about ex-couple Swings and Bora Lim, where old flames are rekindled forever.

On October 10, Korean media TV Report reported thisRapper Swings and Korean model Lim BoRa have rekindled their romance. It was a meeting after 3 years.After the breakup, according to reports, the two were spotted dating at a bar in the Mapo area of ​​Seoul on October 9.
The Swings agency recently issued a brief comment. Regarding the news issue that “It is difficult to confirm. Because it is the artist’s personal life.”
Swings and Lim Bo Ra started dating and went public in April 2017 after three years together. They announced their separation in October 2020.
In December 2022, they were rumored to be reconciling when they were spotted together at a friend’s birthday party. At the time, the Swings agency made it clear “Their appearance at the Christmas party was due to mutual friends. “They are no longer together.”

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