ALL’s Board of Directors announces the resignation of Thanakorn Thanawarith from the position of CEO – Miti Hoon

Stock Miti – All Inspire Development Public Company Limited or ALL has informed SET that the Board of Directors has been informed of the resignation of the CEO. And all the positions of directors of the company “Mr. Thanakorn Thanawarith” because the company and its directors were sued by the company. And one natural person from breach of contract and claiming capital damages of 193 million baht from the fact that one of the directors of the company entered into an investment contract in 2017 as the sole company.

The Audit Committee considered the principles of the Corporate Governance Policy and agreed that Mr. Thanakorn Thanawwarth should cease his position as a director until the matter is clarified. To prevent conflicts of interest and ensure transparency. This resignation is effective from October 12, 2023 onwards.

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