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Candida auris wreaks havoc. The United States has now issued a warning against the fungus, which is particularly prevalent in hospitals and can be dangerous for debilitated patients. Epidemiologist and microbiologist Frederick Lamothe paints his portrait at Point J.

“It’s a yeast, fungi of this type that are found everywhere in the environment and can colonize the skin and intestines of humans. They can cause benign infections like mycosis. But in some situations, they enter the blood and cause sepsis,” explains the doctor at CHUV.

Candida auris was discovered in Japan and South Korea in 2009. It is spread by medical instruments or by the hands of caregivers. But it enters the patient’s body through catheters or surgery. In this case, according to WHO, the mortality rate is about 30 to 50%.

What makes Candida auris special is that it is resistant to treatment.

Frédéric Lamoth, infectious disease specialist and microbiologist

“If a Candida auris manages to infiltrate a care unit, it is very difficult to get rid of it,” asserts Frederic Lamothe.

But how to protect it? Are there cases in Switzerland?

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