Plant-based alternatives to foie gras are always more successful as the holidays approach –

At Christmas and New Year’s Eve, duck foie gras consumption experiences its traditional boom period. But one trend gets more talked about every year: the all-vegetable alternative, sometimes called “faux-grass.”

Vegetarian or vegan diets meet a specific need for various traditional diets for ethical, health or economic reasons. Foie gras is no exception.

Many brands have jumped into this new market and now offer this type of product. It looks like foie gras, and according to the promoters, it tastes good too.

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Easy to make, often made from clean legumes like chickpeas, this vegetarian foie gras is attracting more and more customers and inspiring top chefs.

But some have a certain presence. “Hearing fake foie gras doesn’t really speak to me. If you decide not to eat foie gras, there are other good things to eat”, declares, for example, Swiss chef St├ęphane Decotterd, interviewed on La Morning.

Favorable situation?

However, vegetable foie gras can be stuffed together with chickens on New Year’s Eve tables using a certain atmosphere this year. It is more suitable for low-cost, inflation-affected stock markets.

Also, in France, the world’s largest producer, 70% of livestock have been destroyed by bird flu.

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