People feel sorry for Palestine Protests in England, US and Sydney plead with Israel to stop attacking Gaza

People sympathize and support the Palestinians who march. Protests in England, the United States and Sydney, Australia. Demanding Israel to stop attacking Gaza and ready to condemn the British and American governments who support Israel

Citing foreign news agencies, crowds of people marched in London. And cities across the UK, USA and in many other countries. Including Australia to show support and sympathy for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. Which was subjected to a severe attack by Israel, in addition to the Israeli army’s call to end military operations against Gaza, and after Hamas launched an unexpected attack last weekend,

Tens of thousands of demonstrators waved the Palestinian flag and raised a banner with a message calling for “Free Palestine” activists to gather near Oxford Circus. To head towards Downing Street, which is the residence of the British Prime Minister, and the protests targeted the British and American governments. Who supports Israel

Police officials in England have issued a warning. If any demonstrators display any signs or flags indicating support for Hamas, or terrorist groups blacklisted by the British government, they will be grouped together by officials after the protest ends and between 7 and 15 demonstrators are reported to have been arrested.

Video images posted on social media revealed that some pro-Palestinian groups had pictures of skydivers pinned to their backs. He is one of the symbols representing the Hamas movement in the attack on Israel on Saturday, October 7, in addition to insulting the British government and other countries in Europe and describing them as “terrorists” like Israel. While protesting in London

There were also some protesters in Glasgow. Scotland raised the Holocaust during World War II to attack the Israelis. And Zionist groups that support the Israeli invasion of Palestine.

While there are people in many American cities including in New York City as in many countries as in Sydney Australia and France protested to demand Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop attacking Gaza. Which caused the death of many Palestinians and they suffered greatly until they were forced to evacuate to escape the threat of an attack from Israel, which declared a siege on the entire Gaza Strip. Until it causes a humanitarian crisis.

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