Hot-headed delivery worker delivers secret items to superintendent’s mother without letting her make a U-turn: PPTVHD36

The delivery guy is hot! The police chief urges the agency to beef up the ranks of staff before making a U-turn and crashing into the police chief’s mother’s door – before challenging the police chief to register their cars before an argument with the car’s owner shouts classified material.

A delivery worker was furious. When the owner of the house scolded him for making a u-turn and hitting the door of the house. So he shouted out a secret item before challenging him to register his car. Then drive away

Someone posted a clip of the incident on Facebook. There are 2 CCTV clips recording the event of the person delivering the package. The pickup truck made a U-turn in an alley and crashed into the gate of an elderly woman’s house. The parcel delivery man uses foul language to back off until an argument ensues. Ready to be challenged to write your registration number. Before driving

Anna’s mission was indeed an accident. But this is not related to lost goods.

The weather is hot! Waitress Mor Lam provides dance material hoping my friend will reduce stress.

The person who posted the clip also shared the message: “This driver came to scold my mother. They challenged us to register even at home by withdrawing rude words”.

Mueang District, Samut Prakan Province, Phang Mueang Sub-District, Village No. The incident took place in a house at 3. October 13 evening

Ms Bachara, 73, said as the woman in the clip walked back into the house. I saw a pickup truck making a U-turn in front of the house. So I warned him that he could not go back. Because the gate and the fence are swinging. But his delivery man insisted that he would return as soon as he returned the car. He turned around and asked how much the damage was. So I said the door is not a big deal. If you come and ask for a U-turn, the door will be opened for you to come back. Before making the delivery, the man drove away with the secret item and yelled. Probably the grandmother or great-grandmother of the driver who is in her 30s.

When he turned the car around, he said how much damage was there. Is it correct to call 2 doors? That is not a big problem. This is not a big problem. About the door, if you come and ask, “Please, please come back,” I will give it to you. She didn’t have anything and scolded her and asked the next door. That was enough. After finishing he drove a little distance and came back after giving the secret item to aunty. This is the problem here. What we are fascinated by is, why are you scolding us? what are you cursing We’re not going to do anything.

Police Colonel Tanakirit Ruyari, the son of Ms Bachara, Superintendent of Nong Ma Mong Provincial Police Station, Sinat Province, and the person who released the clip. In a phone interview, he said the house was a dead end. If someone needs to open the door to make a U-turn, permission will be given on a case-by-case basis. But this time it seems after completing the U-turn. Apart from this, there is no apology and there is also the use of vulgar language towards an elderly mother.

The said driver has now been identified. By calling for negotiations, I wanted to apologize, but I wanted to say that what I wanted to see was not an apology, but a matter of conscience. So, I want to send a message to the company before hiring the employees. Careers like this require more training and increased EQ skills.

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