Pay homage to His Majesty King Rama V on Sulangkorn Day with rituals, liturgical chants and places to ask for prayers and blessings.

‘Chulalonghorn Day’ It is the year of the death of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn which falls on October 23 every year because His Majesty is so loved by Thai and foreign citizens. So he was given a royal title “Somted Phra Biya Maharat” In gratitude for the grace of His Majesty the “King most loved by all the people”, the government declared October 23rd as ‘Chulangkorn Day’.

For worship ‘Somted Phra Biya Maharat’ Or His Royal Highness Father R.What are the 5 perfect things to do today on Sulangkorn Day? sharp sharp We have information to share with you.

worship ‘Somted Phra Biya Maharat’ Or His Royal Highness King Rama 5 It is believed that your virtue will bring happiness. Prosperity in life smooth business, successful negotiations, more business, stable job, advanced positions. Help to pay off debt and get rid of all debts. As long as you respect and honor His Majesty King Rama V.

Sacred objects ‘Chulalonghorn Day’

  • Brandy represents success.
  • Cigars represent power, prestige, wealth and a stable life.
  • Betel leaves are a sacred offering. Show respect

Meaning of red auspicious fruit

  • Apple Enhance the story of love and relationship
  • Pomegranate Prosperous, enough to eat and spend.
  • Dragon fruit Success and power
  • Red grapes Dear servant, there are those who support you.

Flowers and incense sticks It is best to use red roses.

  • 1 flower represents love and compassion.
  • 3 flowers bring only good luck
  • 5 flowers bring happiness and fulfillment as desired
  • 8 flowers increase wealth and prosperity
  • 108 Flowers, steady and smooth business

Light 5 incense sticks to say sacred things.

Mantra of worship Somdet Phra Byamaharaj

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arhat Sammasamphutassa (3 Conclusions)

“Prasayamaminto varo iti buddhasammi iti arahan sahassakayang.

Warang budho namo budhaya piya mama namo budhaya.”

(said 3 times)

I, (name – surname), ask for your virtues. His Royal Highness King Rama 5 Help motivate me to succeed and fulfill my desires. Smooth business negotiations, happy and peaceful progress without obstacles, people who love you, loved ones and stable work. Get out of debt and always have something to eat and consume. Live safe from all dangers Amen Amen Amen.

5 places to pray and make wishes Sulangorn Day, the father of His Majesty King Rama 5

  1. Equestrian Statue Square
  2. Air Force Museum
  3. Wat Ratchabopit Satitmahashimaram Ratchavoravihan
  4. Siriraj Hospital Byamaharajakarun
  5. Chulalongkorn University

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