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How to Fix a Computer Infected with Viruses and Malware on Windows to Keep Your Data Clean and Safe Most computer users are using Windows, which is a very popular system, but Windows has more drawbacks. In addition, Windows tends to slow down when you use your computer for long periods of time. With this popularity, it is very likely that your computer will be infected with viruses, as malware is the main reason why your computer slows down for unknown reasons. This article shares the best ways to clean an infected computer on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows 11.

How to fix a computer infected with viruses and malware on Windows to keep it clean and your data safe with these 10 steps:


1. Check computer symptoms

You need to ensure that your computer is not infected with viruses, BSOD errors and frequent crashes. Applications not responding, etc. This is also caused by hardware issues, so I have to dig around and check the symptoms a bit. If your computer is bombarded with pop-up browser messages that open different web pages, if you see a new icon on your desktop. This indicates that there is a greater chance of malware infection.

2. Enter safe mode

Safe mode disables all default apps and loads only essential apps. So if the issue also occurs in safe mode. There may be a software or hardware issue. If the issue does not occur in Safe Mode, you will need to check your installed apps for malware infection.

3. Make a backup of your important files.

Because you have a computer infected with a virus you may need to format the partition later. So, back up your important files or folders to a USB drive, but don’t back up program files. This is because most infections are hidden in program files. Once you have backed up your data follow these steps.

4. Perform a full scan.

You will need to perform a full system scan, and you can use it Malware To perform a full system scan because it is an important part of safety Before using Malwarebytes Also disable Windows Defender.

5. Quarantine or deinfection

By default, Malwarebytes quarantines every infected file. Where you can instantly restore files to your computer Once the infected files are quarantined, no other programs will be able to access that file. You can also delete infected files if they are no longer useful.

6. Adware removal

After using Malwarebytes, you need to install another small tool called Malwarebytes.AdwCleaner Because Malwarebytes only removes viruses and malware. AdwCleaner is required to remove PUP and Adware byDownload and install AdwCleaner and perform a full system scan.

7. Restart your computer.

You have now successfully removed the infection. Restart your computer. After the reboot use your computer for a while to check if the malware infection persists.

Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner usually remove all malware or adware-related infections. But keep using your computer for a few minutes to check if it has actually cleaned the infected files.

8. Reset all passwords. And update all applications as well

because Malware can capture your passwords and pass them on to scammers.Yes, for safety’s sake reset every password you can think of. Including social media, websites, YouTube, Gmail, etc. When you change your password, update your operating system, browser, and applications. This is because malware is often passed through vulnerabilities found in older versions of applications.

9. Update the operating system

Most dangerous malware or viruses are transmitted through vulnerabilities in old, outdated software. Therefore, updating the operating system fixes all existing vulnerabilities and may protect your computer from the latest security threats.

10. Update all applications

Malware and viruses can also use outdated versions of applications to gain access to your system, such as the operating system. If you’re using the latest version of your operating system, make sure all your apps and operating system are updated to the latest version. If there are any updates for your latest software update immediately you can proceed with the update now.

These are 10 steps to rid your computer of viruses and malware. This allows you to use your computer safely. And free of malware after being previously infected

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How to fix a computer infected with viruses and malware on Windows to keep your data clean and safe

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