Explosions near hospitals in Gaza The number of hostages rose to 222: PPTVHD36

There were reports of explosions near several hospitals in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, the whole hostage situation that was taken over by the Hamas group. The number rose to 222 people.

Last night (October 22), Israel reportedly intensified its attack on the northern Gaza Strip. There were reports of air strikes on Jabalia refugee camp. And close to many hospitals

Palestinian media reported explosions near hospitals in the Gaza Strip. Hospitals near the explosion site include the following: Al-Shifa Hospital (Al-Shifa) It is the largest hospital in Gaza. Al Quds Hospital (Jerusalem) AndIndonesian Hospital

Israel is ready to attack Lebanon if Hezbollah joins the war

The United States is prepared to respond if it is targeted during the war between Israel and Hamas.

Al-Qaeda-ISIS calls on its followers to attack Israeli, American, and Jewish targets

Earlier, the media director of the Palestinian Red Crescent revealed that Al-Quds Hospital is at risk of bombing at any time.

Hospitals across the Gaza Strip are facing a shortage of medicines and medical supplies. The first convoy of 20 aid trucks entered Gaza on Saturday. This assistance does not include fuel.

This was said by Dr. Muhammad Abu Salamiya (Director of Al-Shifa Hospital). Hospitals are facing a real disaster. This is because the generators may run out of gasoline within the next 48 hours. Meanwhile, UN aid has not yet arrived.

Hospitals in Gaza rely on generators to generate electricity. After Israel cut off electricity to Gaza in implementation of the blockade measures. Gaza’s only power station has been closed since October 11 due to insufficient fuel supplies.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned that the lives of 120 children in the incubator, including 70 who were born prematurely and needed artificial respirators, would be at risk. Now it depends on the equipment connected to the standby generator. If these generators stop working, premature babies may not survive.

In Jabalia refugee camp, north of Gaza, Israeli warplanes bomb two mosques. The Israeli army claims that it is used as a base for attacks by Palestinian fighters.

This was stated by a Palestinian who lives in the refugee camp. The mosque can accommodate between 2,000 and 3,000 worshipers during Friday prayers. While news reports stated that yesterday’s attack led to the death of at least 20 people and the injury of dozens.

The Israeli army published aerial photos showing the bombing of targets in Gaza near schools, mosques and UN buildings. It is alleged to be a launching point for Hamas rockets.

The armed Hamas movement also accused the use of civilians as tools and deliberately fired rockets at Israeli civilians.

Regarding the timing of the ground strikes, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner said: “The timing will take into account Hamas’ attempts to release the hostages.” The ground attack will occur at the appropriate time for the operation.”

“The war will end if Hamas surrenders and the hostages are released,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli military spokesman. “If Hamas refuses, maybe we should come in and take care of it.”

Regarding the hostage issue, Israel recently raised the number of people captured by Hamas to 222 people, including Israelis and foreigners.

One person previously thought to have been taken hostage is Noya Sharabi, a 16-year-old British teenager. Recently, reports confirmed that she was not arrested but died. Since October 7, she has been in the farming community of Biri, just two kilometers from Gaza, with her mother and younger sister.

As for Thai Insurance, a family of Thai workers who were held hostage by Hamas. There is still hope for the baby. He was released and returned safely. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep until the neighbors had to stop to offer encouragement. He begged the Israeli authorities to negotiate and help his son get out safely.

In the hometown of Mr. Khumkrit Chumbua, 29, a resident of Chuk Nuya District, Lamduan District, Surin Province, who was one of the Thai workers taken hostage by Hamas. There were neighbors who stopped to support Mr. Sinan. and Ms. Pornthip Chombwa, Mr. Khumkrit’s father and mother, throughout the day.

They both had serious and worried expressions on their faces. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, alternating with crying. After his son was taken hostage by Hamas on October 7, this is the first set of photos to be published. Until today, more than half a month has passed. There was no indication that he would be released.

Recently, officials from the Ministry of Labor I will give you information that my son is safe now. He made enough to eat some food. But he still didn’t trust the situation. Because it is better to see the picture with your own eyes that your child is still safe. Now the family wants to send a message to the Israeli government to negotiate and help the hostages get out as quickly as possible. Before the situation gets any worse

Mr. Khemkrit’s parents said they are now moving forward and doing everything they can. Find a place you can rely on. They both make merit and pray to Buddha performing fortune-telling ceremonies, reading fortune-telling, and performing black magic ceremonies according to beliefs. It can be said that he did everything to ensure the safety and return of his child.

Now I feel relieved and starting to feel hopeful. After last Saturday, there is news that Hamas has released two hostages, and we hope that the next list is his son.

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