ONE Lumpini Boxing Results 65 Jao Suea Yai delivers a quick knockout to end Phueng Luang's dream

ONE Lumpini 65 boxing results, Friday night, May 31, 2024. The main bout showed Gao Suya Yai with his iron fists, knocking out his opponent in the first round. Follow along with the results of all 12 boxing matches.

The final ONE Lumpini 65 fight at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra) brought together 12 pairs of extremely talented fighters to compete, giving footballers from all over the world a chance to compete, and it was very exciting from the beginning of the show to the end.

The main pair leading the show is “Grand Tiger Master Bangkok University Thonburi”, a 22-year-old well-armed fighter from Bangkok, challenges the mighty boxer “Phueng Luang Pan Rampa”, a 24-year-old who can fight without giving up. In Muay Thai rules , Flyweight (125-135 lbs)

This battle ended faster than expected as Gao Suyayi relied on speed and accuracy in attacking. Before pressing the left hook, he called the count of 8 fighters first, although Fueng Luang still had the strength to get up quickly, but he was hit by Gao Suya Yai who repeated the same wound until he was dizzy and unable to. He followed up with the submission to “Jao Suea Yai” and the match ended quickly at 2:11 of the first round, ending a record of 6 fights without defeat and ending the other team's dream of winning one contract, along with receiving a bonus of 350,000 baht. To take her home for the fourth time.

International Main Event: “Avatar PK. Saenchai”, a big-hearted 30-year-old boxer from Saraburi, tests the freshness of “Abdullah Diakiyev”, a 20-year-old strongman from Russia who has already won two fights. Muay Thai Rules Straight, Specific Range: Catch Weight (147 lbs).

ONE Lumpini 65 boxing results

In the first two rounds, “Avatar” pulled out his weapons to deal with “Abdullah’s” freshness without fear. Before the final round, the local boxer showed signs of falling. Let the visiting team's hard-working fighters come out with their guns. He moved forward and attacked the target more clearly, and at the end of the three rounds, Al-Dallah put pressure and won with a majority of votes. He successfully extended his unbeaten record into the third fight for himself.

ONE Lumpini 65 boxing results

In addition, this week there is another talented fighter who managed to win a sports contract worth US$10,000 (about 3.5 million baht), Carlo Buminang, a fighter from the Philippines. Who showed ferocity by defeating Shayan Orzak, the 32-year-old representative of Russian Mongolia, in the 2:39 minute of the second round.

As a result, he extended his record by winning 5 fights in a row and won a bonus of 350 thousand baht for the second time, along with becoming the second MMA athlete from the ONE Lumpini arena to earn the right to compete in ONE Championship and he is counted as the 15th person from this program Who seized the opportunity to go global, after the successful “Kongthani Sor. Sommai” at ONE Lumpini 58 on April 5.

ONE Lumpini 65 boxing results

On the night of May 31, 2024, there were 5 boxers who performed well and impressed Big Boss “Chatri Sityodthong”, and received a special bonus in their account of 350,000 baht each, for a total of 1.75 million baht (one million seven hundred thousand). Fifty thousand baht) including “Carlo Bumenang”, “Samran Singh Sit Chalongsak”, “Soldier Major Naik A Thassala”, “Jaw Suya Yai” Bangkok University Thonburi” and “Wacharavon BK Saenchai”

As if this was not enough, the sixth “ONE Super Fan” award was also awarded to “Khun Rung” Kotchapat Peerawut, a young vendor from Chiang Mai. Who likes to cheer in Muay Thai? Because he liked handsome and strong athletes, he received 100,000 baht as a surprise home.

Summary of results of every ONE Lumpini 65 match

  • Main bout: Gao Suya Yai, Bangkok Thonburi University, won by knockout over Phueng Luang Pan Rampa at 2:11 of round 1 (Muay Thai, flyweight 125-135 lbs).
  • In second doubles, Phet Phupha Ek Pu Jeans won unanimously over Lo Ngoen S. Sommai (Muay Thai, catchweight 130 lbs).
  • Watcharaphon PK.Saenchai won by TKO over Vietnamkham Vandakratanapuri at 2:04 of round 1 (Muay Thai, catch weight 119 lbs).
  • Thanaek Naik A Thasala won by knockout over Phet Nong Noey Nokkao Km.11 at 2:17 of round 1 (Muay Thai, catch weight 119 lbs).
  • Mano Set Ji-nim won via unanimous decision over Jung Ang Suk S. Thipitak (Muay Thai, catch weight 132 lbs).
  • Samransing Sit Chalongsak won by knockout over Crickithong Keela Sport at 0:28 of round 2 (Muay Thai, catch weight 128 lbs).
  • Abdulla Diakiyev won by majority decision over Avatar BK Saenchai (Muay Thai, catchweight 147 lbs).
  • Dmitry Kiriev won by unanimous decision over Tan Min Aung (Thai featherweight 145-155 lbs).
  • Zhang Jinhu won by unanimous decision over Soichiro Arata (Muay Thai, flyweight, 125-135 lbs).
  • Carlo Pominang won by submission over Chayan Orzak at 2:39 of round 2 (MMA Bantamweight 135-145 lbs).
  • Ryosuke Honda won by unanimous decision over Ryosuke Noda (MMA strawweight 115-125 lbs).
  • Hao Shuai won by unanimous decision over Shika Masahiro (Muay Thai, catchweight 118 lbs).

ONE Lumpini 65 boxing results

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