Royal Chulaborn College Organizing a Learning Exchange Project in Clinical Monitoring

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Srisawangkhavadhana Medical College and Chulabhorn Hospital integrated cooperation in organizing teaching and research together by joining hands with Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan to organize an educational exchange project in clinical observation for medical students from Japan at Chulabhorn Royal College. With Associate Professor Dr. Tirapat Ongtrakul, Acting Dean of Sri Sawangkhavadana Medical College along with faculty and medical team from Sri Sawangkhavadana Medical College and Chulabhorn Hospital joined the welcome

For the Clinical Observation Learning Exchange project, the focus is on students applying the academic expertise of faculty. This is an important mechanism in pushing the implementation of the project to develop the quality of education and develop it to achieve results in putting the policy into practice. This leads to the development of basic education, which is an important means of developing students to be prepared to enter the learning community well into the future. The said project prepared teachers of Chulabhorn Royal College. She sponsors 6 exchange students from Japan who come to participate in a study tour for medicine, research and medical innovation. Ready to join in sharing knowledge and increasing experience with Chulabhorn Hospital. On this occasion, exchange students from Japan participated in clinical observation with various departments. Chulabhorn Hospital in its entirety, such as participating in observation and study rounds The surgical procedure is conducted by an orthopedic surgeon at the Chulabhorn Medical Oncology Center under the supervision of Dr. Orarun Mekathivan Participation in observation and study visits Cardiovascular internal medicine doctors at Chulabhorn Hospital, with a capacity of 400 beds, under the supervision of Dr. Wirut Muangsilpasart etc.
Finally, Sri Sawangkhavadana Medical College and Chulaborn Hospital have missions to produce medical and public health graduates. With excellent academic quality and professional competence and by integrating collaboration, both teaching and research are organized together. In a knowledge exchange project in clinical monitoring with Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan. Therefore, it is considered another important step in the development of teaching and learning. Medical professionals provide patients with equal opportunities to receive treatment of standard quality.

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