Defeat the drama! Jaypesot Phiangkwan-Ronnapeer launches the issue right on the cover, and it's not eye-catching.

The story is very interesting to follow. As for the drama “Jai Phisut” and now the story has reached the eighth episode and last night (May 31, 2024) Phiangkwan Ronapir, the version of father and mother, played by Phon Tanthasathien and Noksinjai was introduced

Although there was drama before, the case was not identical to the cover, but anyone who has seen the opening scene can tell you that the case on the cover is not really fake.


-Khun Chai Runabi has arrived Oh, that's right!!! James Ma and Vaughn Tantasathian are both from the Runaper family. She also played the lead role of a husband who has both premiums. *James is just this guy's name, not a wizard. And yes, I'm up to speed on both versions

-Who said the case doesn't match the cover? …I would like to ask how to get a pen with a pen.. The condition is exactly the same as that of Ranbi and Piang Kuan #Jaiphisut

– Khun Phun is very similar to Chai Bear, it's all right. Mr. Vaughn's face actually overlaps with James Marr's face. Like a smile #jayvisotype8

-I'm crying, P'Nok and P'Pol played so well. Her face looks like Jammin's and it gives her goosebumps. But the rhythm of speech in the moment plays with your eyes. It is really the same as Ranabir and Viangquan. And Chak and Phum are Ranpee 2 and Ranpee 3 in obi paste style especially when teasing each other, I think of Chai Peer and Chai Lek from before. #jayvisotype8

– Zhai Pi Piang Juan arrived. Casting is very straightforward. Very similar to James Mar Mint. Especially when a man smiles, his eyes are wide open. #jayvisotype8

– Ronabir is right. In drama, the rhythm of speaking and smiling is used immediately. Just move and see and that's it. Chai Bear!!!!!!! #jayvisotype8

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