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Good strength, no drips…For drama Saucepan The story has reached the seventh episode and it is definitely a success. Both ratings are great, previously EP 6 received a high rating of 7.12 from across the country.But recently in the seventh episode, it managed to break the rating record again, at 7.61 from all over the country, while in Bangkok it was 13.62 and the online views reached 1.3 million people, which is called the new high rating record again.

by Nong Arunocha Panuban, Drama Producer He went out and posted pictures of drama stats and messages via personal instagram by writing that
I would like to thank you all. Only those with destiny will understand it.
What Bodtan presented was not Mini Heart, and the audience confirmed that last night was a lot of fun.
Send #destinyep7 Set a new high ranking record again.
#Destiny #LoveDestiny2
Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday at 8:30 pm
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