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…Lost, lost again, lost again.

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Losing to Newcastle United in the Carabao Cup is the latest shock for Red Devils fans. It was their eighth loss in 15 matches.

The last time it sucked like this we have to go back to 1972, which led to the sacking of coach Frank O’Farrell, an Irishman (the only one to ever coach Manchester United) – I don’t know his face at all. This kid started watching football during the Ron Atkinson era. When he first arrived in England, he kept seeing Big Ron in the reporters’ box. He turned into an analyst for a TV channel

“I think I need to give Erik Sevin another 2-3 years to build his own team. Then look at the trend again,” he used to tease a close friend with a smile after a 7-0 game last season.

During this time, if we wanted to harass each other, it should be changed to Mr. THREE Hak because he lost to the club 0-3 continuously in both the Manchester derby and the League Cup.

Some stats say this was United’s worst start to a season since 1962-63, and they had lost five of their first 10 home games since 1930-31.

Wait, could there be anything worse than this?

The answer in my mind should be similar, please…

It’s easy to see how great Sir Alex Ferguson was when he retired after winning the Premier League in 2013. Manchester United have changed five permanent managers. They were unable to regain their first position.

Ten Hag came to the stage, the first season did very well, leading to Manchester United finishing third, and even though it was a small cup, but lifting the Carabao Cup, lifting the cup after waiting six years for some kind of success? He seemed very optimistic.

In addition, the audacity to exclude Cristiano Ronaldo made the team’s performance even better. It calls for a little faith.

This season has turned into a problem with Jadon Sanso, and this is a personal opinion. The former Borussia Dortmund star has also created his own star, and his level should shine from the start, as happened when Bruno Fernandes arrived.

Losing to Pep’s Manchester City is already a loss. Because the classes are different but I lost and was bullied. Like kicking Jeremy Doku from Anthony the Spinner. Or complaining there like Bruno seems more humiliating.

Lost at Newcastle There are a lot of changes in the team here. Which reflects a further decline. I feel that everything is weak, including the players, the way of playing, and the coach’s decision to make substitutions.

So I’m not sure if, deep down, it would be something I shouldn’t think about, or something that would carry more weight.

Among the players who chase the coach or coach, that’s it, I want to be the one who chases! If it was Ten Hag who was fired, he would be expected to get more than 15 million pounds, and I think people in this world I really want to lose my job like this ha ha..

He saw Mason Mount replaced to play in the second half against City. He played the whole match against Newcastle and I can’t help but be compared to Dominik Szoboszlai.

The truth is the addition to the team last summer Liverpool is considering splitting the midfield with goals for Alexis McAllister and Mason Mount, the latter looking to play a variety of attacking roles, which is what Jurgen Klopp wants.

But with Mouth wanting to come to Manchester United more and the salary (£200,000 per week, and if that included bonuses, it would be more than £250,000), so Liverpool turned to acquiring Szoboszlai, who paid a salary of around £120,000. Sterling annually. week instead

Liverpool Player Procurement He may be interested in the quality of players, their age, and believes they suit Klopp’s style of play. If the players are modified again how can I raise myself?

At this point, if Mouth chose money, he wouldn’t be wrong.

If for footballing reasons he is similar to Harry Maguire, who has a chance to go to Anfield as well.

From moving to the stage with people cheering loudly it has become more than a graveyard.

A few months ago, Gary Neville, a Sky Sports youngster (and therefore a regular in the media), said that Klopp might feel that United’s midfield is stronger than the Reds’ with Mount playing alongside Casemiro, Bruno and Christian Eriksen?

Through the first ten Premier League games of the season, Subozlai has played every minute for the Reds, while Mount has started just four. And he still hasn’t scored a goal or assist at all

The first goal was scored by the Magpies. The big target could be Diogo Dalot run or walk, not sure if Mouth is at fault too. Who didn’t interrupt the game first

The acquisition of world champions Alexis + Szoboszlai instantly transformed Liverpool’s midfield, and may become the greatest midfield ever. One team in Europe can go.

Meanwhile, the old enemies went in the wrong direction, even though they were playing in the Champions League. They were supposed to be more able to attract great players.

Ten Hag was not dismissed in the morning. Like a rival fan I love to tease each other. But in this case, if he manages the team until the match against the Reds at Anfield in mid-December.

For me…it will be a surprise!

Little Joe

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