EA reported over 14.5 million players in the first four weeks of EA Sports FC 24

EA or Electronic Arts Revealing the number of players of FC 24, the new game rebranded from FIFA 23, there are as many as 14.5 million people worldwide.

Electronic Arts revealed some interesting numbers during its earnings report for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2023 ending on September 30, as it was found that in the first month, the EA Sports FC 24 game, or FC 24, included a greater number of players around the world with 14.5 million accounts.

EA Sports FC 24 represents a major transformation for one of the world’s biggest gaming franchises,” said Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts (EA). To become an interactive platform for football fans around the world

EA CEO further said: I look forward to the fact that our amazing team (EA) will continue to innovate. And expand this global franchise as much as possible. To create an entertaining experience for EA’s largest online community of players. While connecting with our growing global player base.

The success of EA Sports FC 24 also extends to its subsidiary FC Mobile, where more than 2 million players have installed the game, followed by more than 5 million installs in three days, and 11 million views in the first 10 days.

Additionally, EA recently released EA Sports FC Tactical, a turn-based simulation game. The game will feature more than 5,000 famous football players in the world of football, covering the world’s 10 leading leagues, including the English Premier League, Spanish League, German League, French League 1 and Italian League, etc.

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