Oh Vakjira responds to her new love with a younger man. I don’t dare to talk much for fear that people will annoy me.

I am in love period. For actresses and presenters Oh Vakjira With the handsome young man, Bear, a lawyer, many people wonder if this is Oh’s new girlfriend or not. After the man joined Oh and his friends on many trips.

Recently, Oh answered this matter through the program. Online family entertainment while frankly admitting that there is a new love but I don’t want to talk too much. Afraid to upset people because I’m already old myself. But when I read the comments I felt good. As for the current situation, you can call your girlfriend.

Our Instagram looks so beautiful these days?

“Not nice, usually (smiles) it’s okay according to his age, but seeing that he’s down maybe it’s because of the time he hasn’t seen us. He’ll probably be missed. So I took old pictures and posted them (laughs), and if he doesn’t find them he’ll be distraught.” .

The young man next to me, who many people wonder, is he right?

“Yes, we’ve been talking. We’ve been talking for a while. Because we know each other from before, which is good. Honestly, Oh doesn’t really want to do this interview. Because we’re not that young anymore. I also had a family and kids, And in a few years I will be 50 years old. I feel embarrassed too. If you have to sit and talk about these things people will get upset. But when the person I’m talking to came later he’s completely fine. He’s respectful. “A photo was posted. Oh, that’s okay. You can say something.”

Do fans consider you an idol to have a guy friend?

“Actually, oh, it feels good. It’s nice to read comments from so many people. The person who is happy with oh because seriously oh I never thought about these things before. But when I met this person and he was a good person for oh. Oh, “I consider that part of my encouragement.”

Man seems crazy in love?

“(Laughs) No, I don’t know. I didn’t think he would go crazy. “But that’s good. Like Oh’s friends, they are happy to see Oh happy.”

In my current situation, can I contact my friend yet?

“You can name it, you can name it, but don’t make too many points (laughs).”

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