Battle of Heaven and Abyss! Check the head-to-head statistics ahead of Luton Town’s match with Liverpool.

Revealing direct confrontation statistics before English Premier League matches. The Hatter of Luton Town Prepare to enter the field to compete with the army. “The Reds” Liverpool On Sunday, November 5th

The Premier League battle returns again in this match. The red zone is like the army The Hatter of Luton Town Preparing to welcome the army’s visit “The Reds” Liverpool It’s a battle that both teams want to win. By one team to escape the red zone at the end of the table with another team to continue chasing the group at the top of the table. How big would this be? Football fans from both teams can catch each other’s sneezes on Sunday, November 5, 2023 at 11:30 p.m., and broadcast live on… True Premier Football 1 , True Premier Soccer 2

The host team, “Hat Maker” Luton Town, is still torn by its level, which has not achieved a win in 4 consecutive matches, the last of which was a loss to Aston Villa 1-3, which makes the record for the last 5 matches in each competition possible. Win 1, draw 1, lose 3, which led to the team sinking into the red zone, where it occupies 18th place with 5 points, and in this match, they must win in order to get out of the red zone.

As for the Reds’ level outside their stadium, Liverpool is providing a very offensive level, the most recent of which was their victory over Bournemouth in the FA Cup with a score of 2-1, making the team achieve the record in the last 5 matches without defeat in a row. Thus, the team ranks fourth with 23 points in the English Premier League at the present time.

As for the statistics of direct confrontations between these two duos, they have met 38 times before, and it appears that Luton Town won 7, tied 13, and Liverpool won 18, and the last match between them dates back to 2008 in the English Premier League. Cup, at which point the Reds opened their doors to a ferocious 5-0 victory.

English Premier League 2023/24

Luton Town Vs Liverpool

Contest day/time: Sunday, November 5, 2023 at 11:30 pm

stadium : Kenilworth Road

live feed: True Premier Football 1 , True Premier Soccer 2

Results of the last 5 meetings

  • 01/16/08 Liverpool defeats Luton Town 5-0 (FA Cup)
  • 06/01/2008 Luton Town draws with Liverpool 2-2 (FA Cup)
  • 01/07/06 Luton Town lost to Liverpool 3-5 (FA Cup)
  • 01/11/92 Liverpool beats Luton Town 2-1 (Premier League)
  • 08/24/1991 Luton Town draws with Liverpool 0-0 (Premier League)

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