The father is not good-hearted, his 10-year-old daughter is a thief at home, he takes her to the police station to “surrender” and cries and confesses everything.

A 10-year-old daughter heading to the police station to surrender after she was caught burglarizing her home tearfully admitted what he had done. People admire both the father and the police.

The parents of a 10-year-old girl in China have received a lot of praise on social media. After taking her daughter to turn herself in to the local police, she is taught a brave lesson in stealing money from home to buy snacks.

According to reports, on August 22, a girl named Zhang go to the police station in Ningbo City. Zhejiang Province, southeast China, with her father and tearfully confessed his guilt by telling the police that “my father asked me to surrender.”

Two police officers then asked the girl: “What did you do wrong? Why did you have to come here to confess?” The girl started to explain. Her family owns a small shop. She usually picks up snacks to eat every day, but her father is worried about her health. Therefore, quantitative rules were issued that she had to follow.

And then the girl admits that she started thinking of a bad plan. To steal money from your parents directly and then ask her colleagues to buy her some snacks. It is known that she stole a total of 800 yuan.

However, the girl’s father discovered this act and decided to bring his daughter to the police station. But he secretly told the officials about it “Really, I just want you to learn a lesson from your mistakes.”

“Right now, my daughter only receives money from home. But when he grows up, he may steal money from other people. I don’t want my daughter to commit a crime.” The father told the police

So, to convey a message from the father’s heart and then the police officer told the girl about it “If you want to correct your mistakes, write a commitment report on this piece of paper. We can continue our promise little by little.

When the girl heard that, she nodded sadly. He began to sit down and write a report on his design and was not finally able to write down the promise until ten minutes had passed. The message on the paper says: “I will not steal money from my father anymore. I will not deceive anyone. I will study hard. And do not play during class. I will finish my homework on time every day.”

At the bottom of the paper also appeared the names of the two police officers who signed their names as witnesses.

The girl also did not forget to apologize to her father. The police officer still promised her that “We have already intertwined our little fingers. That starting today we will make concerted efforts to gradually correct our mistakes and keep our promises. I will always be a good and honest boy.”

The 10-year-old girl’s heartbreaking story was later published by the Ningbo Evening News and caused a stir on social media. There was deep sympathy. With someone commenting on it

“Police officers are very kind!”

“Accepting mistakes and correcting them is what makes children grow up to be good people.”

“When children make mistakes, they need their parents to guide them gently and patiently. Parents are the light that illuminates their children’s path to adulthood.”

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