Thai stock index closes positive at 15.77 points Daily News

Thai stock sentiment November 3, 2023 moved in positive territory throughout the day. Following the same foreign stock market trend of the Fed maintaining interest rates, among the stocks that benefited were power plants, finance, refineries, and petrochemicals, which were also partly caused by higher oil prices. As a result, as of 5:02 p.m., the stock index closed At 1419.76 points, an increase of 15.77 points. Point, or 1.12%, with a trading value of 45,779.45 million baht, while the MAI market closed at 407.19 points, an increase of 6.74 points, or 1.68%, with a trading value of 1,365.59 million baht.

Mr Narongdet Chandrapaisarn, Principal Investment Strategist at AIRA Securities, sees the November index still volatile. But there is a tendency to come back and recover to some extent. After that, the Fed will likely not raise interest rates at its next meeting and US government bond yields have risen to the 5% space, which is already at a high level. Causing the next phase to see a slowdown and this will support the index’s recovery, at the same time foreign investment funds should also be monitored. Will it flow back into the Thai stock market according to statistics during November or not, if you see a picture of the flow back. It will help support the indicator to accelerate strongly.

The five most traded securities are:

1.PTTEP stock closed at 165.00 baht, an increase of 3.50 baht.

2.SCB closed at 100.00 baht, up 1.00 baht.

3.Kasikorn Bank closed at 133.50 baht, an increase of 1.00 baht.

4.CP all closed at 56.75 baht, up 0.25 baht.

5. GPSC stock closed at 43.50 baht, an increase of 3.00 baht.

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