“NINO”, new artist “SANDI” releases the song “GB” for the first time from the group NEW WAV.

The debut song “GB” conveys the power of women from “SANDI”, a new artist from NEW WAV Entertainment.

“SANDI” (Sandy) or “Nan-Natthaporn Rungrungsi”, 27 years old, is NEW WAV’s newest artist. It is one of the brands of HYPE TRAIN Group, led by “NINO” management and production team. Many people may have forgotten that Sandy had previously made music at some point, debuting as an artist for KAMIKAZE. As “CNAN” before AKA SANDY comes from the old name CNAN which goes back to the word Sandy. It also corresponds to the Thai pronunciation of “Sandee”. She has had the opportunity to be a freelance writer, creating commercial jingles and soundtracks for series. He passed the competition in the “Exchange Likes” program on Channel 8 TV, due to his participation in the “Show Me the Money” program.

Nino is striking with her abilities. That was when she participated in “Show Me the Money”, and not only did she have a tall and slender figure, but she was also a national youth badminton player. Thailand Youth Champion, Sandy is arguably another new artist that Nino intends to fully push forward. Because it comes with full capabilities including singing, rapping, composing lyrics and melodies, playing sports, and learning languages ​​as well.

She recently returned to the music industry again. With new challenges in life after signing a contract as an artist under NEW WAV Entertainment along with the first single called GB with a UK Garage style song which has random dance moves that invite you to dance in the hook. Along with the lyrics that add fierce strength, and convey the message of strong femininity. Ready to move on without caring about anyone, SANDI expresses the naturally solitary GB. But still a personality in its own style

Sandy shared his feelings when creating this song: “This song was born while we were at Music Camp. The Throw team members came up with the idea that we should try to make a UK Garage song. When we were making the song, Mona (MONA V) and P’Pop (SIRPOPPA) helped us think “In the lyrics, mood and tone, ‘GB’ comes across as a sweet, sweet girl who doesn’t care about men. ‘Life without you is better than before.'”

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