Although the main character is missing! Georgia coach Willy Sagnol values ​​the Thai warm-up match as much as the Thai Euro qualifier

Willy Sagnol stresses that friendlies in Thailand are just as important as they are for others. With the start of the European League qualifying match, it will meet Cyprus in the next match.

Willy Sagnol, the coach of the Georgian national team, confirmed that the meeting with the Thai national team is no less important than the duel with Cyprus in the next match because it will help the team increase its self-confidence.

Manu Bulking’s War Elephants had to visit Georgia with an incomplete squad. Due to the key players not traveling with the team because the club will not release him. Furthermore, they recently had to lose Nicolas Mickelson, a right-back from Odense. Who requested to withdraw due to the injury that helped the club play in the Danish Superliga match, a 1-0 victory over Nordsjælland on the night of 8 October, in which Mickelson was substituted from the field in the 83rd minute of the match.

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“There are important matches against Thailand and Cyprus. These matches should give us confidence before the matches in November and March. For me, the friendly match against Thailand is no less important than the match against Cyprus.” The official page of the Georgian national team. Sagnol’s interview before the match

“In the last three years the Georgian team is one of the most advanced teams among the new teams throughout Europe. There are many new players coming to the national team. This means that our doors are always open to help the team succeed.

“Successfully competing in one league gives us the opportunity to play in the qualifiers and go to the European Championship. Of course, this is our main goal. This is the shortest path for Georgia to reach the European Championship,” said the former France runner-up in the 2016 World Cup.

Georgia will meet the Thai national team on October 12, 2023 at 11:00 pm (Thailand time) and then compete in the Euro 2024 qualifiers against Cyprus on Sunday, October 15, 2023 at 11:00 pm (Thailand time).

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