Newsroom: “Thais” tell the story of the moment they fled for their lives in the war with “Israel”

“The Thai People” tells the story of the moment they fled to survive the war. “Israel – Hamas” I told you since I got here that this was the most serious accident. As academics analyze, the hostages’ chance of survival may be slim.

October 10, 2023 on “The Newsroom,” a talk show about big news. Via Theerath Online Hosted by King Perawat Athanak and Guy Fongkasem Satyaprasert. Today is a discussion on the issue of minutes of survival for war victims. “Israel – Hamas” After the Foreign Ministry announced the latest figures, 18 Thais were killed, 9 were injured, and 11 were taken hostage.

About this Mr. Kwai Cornwit Cowkerd Thais living in Israel revealed that the situation he is in now is completely safe. There is good care. Both the people of his country and the Thais who live here I have been here for 4 years, usually the contract is for 5 years and 3 months, once the contract expires, I can’t go back again. Now, where I am, there is no sound at all. But the place where he works is linked to the Gaza Strip. If you look at it with the naked eye, that is, we could see 1-2 km away on the day of the accident. Saturday was usually a day off and the other workers slept, but he had to go to work on the cow farm. Then take Saturday off instead. I saw that the missile started launching around 6:00 AM and I saw a picture of a missile coming.

Later, Israel opened fire on them and disabled them. Then about half an hour Hamas invaded. He himself was present at the crime scene, and he entered twice. On the first round, he came to shoot his gun at the door. Then shoot the gun first. Among those who could be seen were Gaza soldiers. Then he entered the Nepalese residence, then he shot and killed two Nepalese people, then entered the village. Israeli soldiers came to ask. Gave information. Then he went to hide in the same residence he had recommended.

But I feel insecure myself. I want to change my hiding place to another place. Who feels more dense and safe while other co-workers are still in the same place during the arrival of Hamas. The occupation soldiers arrived immediately after about ten minutes, and after a while they heard the voice of Hamas coming again. It’s a new range of pickup trucks. Then came another round of shooting.

So he sent a voice message to a colleague elsewhere. Go tell your employer that they are sending soldiers to protect you. Because someone was conquered but not at the right time. Because about 9 Thais had already died, 4 bodies and 5 skeletal remains were found, and the numbers they said are still unknown. Has the official announcement been made yet? But after the incident calmed down, the soldiers allowed themselves to stand and point to the body.

After contacting the deceased’s family, he said that he would listen to the government’s official announcement first. Today he just went to collect the body. Therefore, he advised his relatives to contact the embassy. Because the Thai people are lost and many have died

As for him, he had previously coordinated with the embassy regarding returning home. He said to wait step by step. I myself understand this process. But I want the group that died and the prisoners. How will the government help them? I want everyone to have all the rights. I don’t want to leave anyone behind.

In the camp itself, we had to wait until the commander confirmed the identity of the detainees. Now it’s time to move to a safe rest point. The boss evacuated all the workers in two buses, the way they came. I was able to walk normally. There are soldiers on the side of the road to take care of you. The accident that happened is called the most serious accident since I came to live here. Because usually during war he must be notified in advance.

When asked before going to work in Israel should I train? Khun Kwai He revealed it was training and told them they would be in a war zone. Which everyone who comes knows but I came because the compensation was high. But some people have already reached the site. In some places, wages may be inflated. These workers also fled after their visas were completely abandoned. Then go and find work somewhere else. As for the issue of borrowing money for work Khun Kwai He said that if he had to work to pay off his investment, he believed that in just one year he would be able to make his money back. If you don’t eat and play

but, Khun Kwai It also tells about the survival period. While we were stuck in a small room, soldiers from outside suddenly entered. And I tried to push the door inside. He himself wrote a letter to tell his girlfriend that he might not return home because Gaza entered and killed all the workers. He was in the room from 7 a.m. to 5 a.m. the next day, but suddenly found smoke floating in the room. Therefore, the channel was closed to prevent smoke from entering. Then use salted water to cover your face to prevent choking on the smoke.

But during that period he then sat and slept on the back of the refrigerator. To prepare an escape route if Gaza opened its gates. During that time, the phone signal also disappeared. But I myself heard every event. As for what made him survive? This is because you often think about events in advance. I will always be looking for a way to escape.

Once in a safe place his country helped each other very well. He came to donate clothes and buy various equipment. The shoes were provided and there was no separation at all. The mother now knows it is safe. But I didn’t dare call. Because my mother just lost my father.

For this purpose now I have already informed that I want to return to Thailand. But so far no one has entered. I am still waiting for the embassy’s response. “I want to tell my family that I’m okay now. I want to go back, but I don’t want to leave the family of the person who died.” I want all the brothers and sisters who died. Everyone gets luxury. I don’t want to run away and survive alone.

side Khun Tek A Thai person who has lived in Israel for more than 30 years and is responsible for helping Thais go to work revealed that the need of Thais now is to help them get out of the red zone. Which has a lot of people contact us There were nearly 300 Thais in the red zone and this event I considered a very great war. The number of deaths is about 1000 people. For assistance at this time. About 5-6 tour buses were assisted, with one bus able to carry about 40-50 people.

After receiving it, most Thai workers are close to completing their contracts. I want a Thai plane to return home. But some people have a problem, which is the passport that some do not have. But he wants to go home but now the embassy is closed. So it was a problem what he would do next.

For safety in the Jerusalem area where he is, there is about 90 percent, and he is now attached to it. “Because we have been here for about 30 years, there is no problem in relations between Thai people here. We are friends, like brothers and sisters.” For the case where a Thai person dies, I would like to contact the embassy directly. Because it must pass through the government at its best.

As for the issue of Thais who say they were sold out for work and could not find a plane ticket to return home. Khun Tek He said that this issue is really difficult. During the war to find plane tickets, I can tell you that if you want to go back, just go back.

But if you tell him that labor has been sold in this matter, you must understand that you are in the red zone. Through his employer it could be considered unsafe so he hired someone to take him to another area. You can’t say you can’t sell it during a war. Because it helps you stay safe. In Gaza, there are a lot of Thais. Because that area is agricultural land. Thousands of Thais will live there.

In the event that aircraft are still able to fly normally, contacting the authorities to ask if there is a problem includes officials from all departments at this time. Most of them go to the area to sponsor Thai workers. Sometimes there are not enough officers. To answer the phone It wasn’t that he didn’t want to answer the phone. But because he went to the area

For residents of the Jerusalem area, along with Jews and Muslims Khun Tek He revealed that if there was a war, the Jewish people would go to the treasury, while as for the Muslim people, some people might rebel. At this time there are Thais living in the red zone. The officials are in a hurry and I would like to tell my family not to worry. You can still survive on your own.

Tactics in the Hamas-Israel battle Mr. U Analayo Kosakul The editor of the website, referring to the incident in which he was asked: Was there laxity or not? I think he really doesn’t know. Because there was no response at all. This was perhaps the biggest mistake committed by the Israeli intelligence services. This time it was somewhat more serious than before.

Because it looks more like terrorism. There is a lot of focus on killing civilians this time. Tactics are different. In the case of weapons used by Hamas, Iran has also officially announced its support for Hamas. It contains many parts that are considered new innovations used in war. As for the weapons that Israel possesses, it is said that it is able to recover many. From past events

In the hostage-taking case this time it was more so than ever before. We believe that killing and publishing it on social networking sites may be real, and it may be many. To create fear that Israel will attack. Or attack to rescue hostages Therefore, it is frankly said that the hostages may have little chance of survival.

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