Georgia is serious, and coach Willie Sagnol is ready to marshal a large army for the start against Thailand.

Willy Sagnol made it clear that Georgia is serious about the match against Thailand, hoping that his team will build confidence before facing Cyprus in the European Nations Cup qualifier on Sunday. Georgia is now one of the most advanced teams in Europe. Set a big goal to take Georgia to the European Championships. Final round

After the Georgia team, the team ranked 79th in the world, under the leadership of French coach Willy Sagnol. The former Bayern Munich legend, five-time Bundesliga champion, has already started training. During the FIFA Day calendar, the “Caucasus Knights” will play a friendly match against the main Thai national team and an important match against Cyprus in the Euro 2024 qualifiers.

And most recently, Willy Sagnol, head coach of the Georgia national team. He came out for an interview about the team’s readiness during a press conference in Tbilisi, saying: “We have important matches coming up with Thailand and Cyprus. In these competitions we aim to make our team more confident. Before heading to compete in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in November and March next year.” .

“Of course, the friendly match against Thailand is as important to me as the match against Cyprus. I want my team members to build confidence. Both styles of play, including our playing tactics before the match with Cyprus, which when the competition with Thailand is over, we will have two days of rest before facing Cyprus.”

“For the past three years, I have considered Georgia to be one of the most progressive teams in Europe. We have a lot of new players coming into the national team. This means that our doors are always open. To help the team succeed in the future and we will succeed if we go to the European Championship next year. This is our main goal. “This is the shortest path for Georgia to reach the European Championships,” coach Sagnol said.

As for the program between Georgia and the Thailand national team, it will be held on Thursday, October 12, 2023 at the Mikhail Mayski Stadium in Tbilisi. The stronghold of Lokomotiv Tbilisi, the competing team in the Georgian second division, with a capacity of 27,223 seats. The match begins at 11:00 pm Thai time, and is broadcast live on Thairath TV channel No. 32.

Image source: Image source: Georgian Football Federation

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