Delta supports SET, closes 3 points positive, tomorrow’s trend is sideways.

Reporters said the market index ended today at 1,434.45 points, up 2.73 points (+0.19%), with a trade value of 40,851.64 million baht.

Mr. Veerawat Virodboga Director of Securities Analysis Department Financia Cyrus Securities Today the Thai stock market was lower than expected. Even though the delta stock is positive, if we exclude the delta, the market is weakly negative. The Thai stock market is weaker than other regions today.

Stocks putting pressure on the index such as SCGP CPF ICHI come from the release of US bond yields, which fell. Including this period before the 3rd quarter 2023 budget announcement, each company’s operating results are expected to be less than market expectations. As it is the rainy season, business is low. It suffers from the ambiguous period of government formation. As a result, recovery in the 3rd quarter of 2023 is still unclear.

For tomorrow’s trend, expect the index to turn sideways. Tonight, follow the US Producer Price Index (PPI) report for September. There will also be a meeting of the Federal Reserve (Federal) Monetary Policy Committee. In addition, the Middle East conflict issue should be followed. Its impact is still limited with a support level of 1,430 points, if it is broken, the next support level will be at 1,415 points and resistance level at 1,443 points.

In respect of bonds with high trading value, 5 bonds

CPF Trade value was 1,776.78 million baht, closing at 18.60 baht, down 1.10 baht.

Delta Trade value was 1,746.79 million baht, up 4.25 baht to 83.25 baht.

PTTEP Trade value was 1,599.36 million baht, closing at 168.50 baht, unchanged in price.

CPALL Trade value was 1,418.60 million baht, closing at 59.25 baht, down 0.75 baht.

JMD Trade value was 1,200.50 million baht, closing at 41.00 baht, down 1.00 baht.

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