News like information – A group of fans is organizing a memorial concert! 53rd anniversary of Mrchipansha’s passing

Sunday, October 8, 2023 at 1:42 pm

The group shows films about the sweet days of yesteryear. Together with fans and residents of Phitsanulok province, they organized an activity to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of Michapancha, the most popular champion of all time. See the full collection of works on display at the museum. Ready to watch the latest movie Inika Thong

8 October 2023 at 9:19 AM at Miter Chaibancha Museum, No. 37/4, Village No. 4, Soi Aranek Sub-District, Mueang District, Phitsanulok District, Mr. Nisit Swadithip, Phitsanulok District Secretary. Supervising the lighting of incense and candles and laying a wreath in honor of the spirit of Meter Shibanca on the 53rd anniversary of the passing of the immortal hero Meter Shibancha.

With Mr. Pancha Wajasuwan, Owner of Mechai Pancha Museum, and Ms. Sasiwan Sriprom, Chairman of Phitsanulok District Tourism Industry Council. President of the Northern Tourism Association, Ms. Nipawan Kanchanavitak, Culture of Phitsanulok District, Ms. Tokata Jindanush, Golden Doll Star, Ms. Pongjong Kong On, 68 years old, Greatest Fan of 2001, Fan Group, Group Fans of “Friends of Chibancha” and people of Phitsanulok District participated in the ceremony Honoring the spirit of “Mit Chipancha the Eternal Hero” in front of the statue and ashes on the occasion of the 53rd death anniversary of the hero Mit Chipancha on October 8, 1970 while filming a scene hanging on a rope ladder from a helicopter. In the movie “Golden Eagle” on Dongtan Beach, South Pattaya, Chonburi Province, we attended Today, an exhibition of movie posters with Michipancha appears alongside a screening of the film “Indriya Thong” in which Miter Chaipancha plays the hero and Pichara Chawarat as the heroine. You can also watch it inside the museum’s cinema hall.

Mr. Pancha Wajasuwan, owner of the Michipancha Museum, said that this year marks the 53rd anniversary of the passing of the eternal hero Mitter Chaipancha, and he is happy to have fans from Bangkok attending the event, especially Khun Tokata Jindanush, the star of the puppets. Gold, who worked with Meter Chaibancha and Ms. Pongjong Kung Un, 68, a huge fan of 2001, also came to attend Meter’s memorial service this year. Moreover, the trend of old movies is starting to make a comeback and people are becoming more interested. Which makes him happy because he created a museum that will be preserved for future generations to see and study.

Ms. Tokata Jindanush, the Tokata Thong star, who is currently 63 years old, traveled to attend the 53rd anniversary of Mechai Pancha in Phitsanulok. She said that I attended this event on October 7 and 8 because I have met Mr. Amit since I was five years old and I have acted in many… Movies with Amit when he was a child and a student. It makes there so much love and connection. So I felt like I was close. He was my hero on the day he died, so I felt sorry. Crying so hard that the teacher had to be carried home by the staff. Personally, there is a love relationship closer to kinship than a star or actor. But I know that in that era, Uncle was great. He is a legendary hero in Thailand. It’s every guy’s world and it comes to the girl doll’s world too. Today I came to the 53rd anniversary celebration, carrying flowers I made myself to present in front of the picture.

For this museum, Phitsanulok Province has promoted it as a tourist spot in the province, said Mr. Nisit Swadithip, Permanent Secretary of Phitsanulok Province. Encourage them to stop and visit the Michai Buncha Museum, which is a very good soft power promoting tourist selling points. Thank you to Mr. Pancha Wagasuwan, owner of the museum. Which was established together with the team of network partners to educate future generations about the good things of value in Phitsanulok Province. This is what tourists from other provinces may not know, but when coming to Phitsanulok Province, you cannot miss a stop at the Mechai Buncha Museum.

This year marks the 4th anniversary of Phitsanulok Tourism Industry Council coming to promote tourism at Miter Chaepancha Museum, with Khun Tun, father Miter Chaepancha’s son who allowed it to be established only here in Thailand, said Ms. Sasiwan Sriprom, President of Phitsanulok Tourism Industry Council. By giving his father’s ashes here. So that people can come and remember him This year marks the 53rd anniversary of Maitre Chipancha’s passing during the filming of Insee Daeng. Today is a good day to remember friends. Chibancha and the hundreds of films he starred in are now national culture. It is a mutelu line that people come to ask for luck and fortune. He won a lot of awards so this is a new milestone. People who come to Phitsanulok District pay homage to Phra Buddha Chinarat. Come to pay homage to King Naresuan the Great. Then stop at the Mechai Pancha Museum, the only museum in Phitsanulok Province.

However, every year, on the anniversary of the death of the hero Miter Chaibancha, the Miter Pancha Museum is held and constantly organizes activities for the hero in his heart. Mit Chaibancha was born on January 28, 1934. His real name is Flight Lieutenant Pichet Phomheim, and he was born in Phetchaburi province. He began entering the entertainment industry in late 1956. He was a leading actor in Thai films from 1957 to 1970. He had distinguished works during the period from 1958 to 1974, which was the heyday of 16mm films. He authored more than 300 stories about “Mitra” Chipancha, a historical hero of the Thai film industry. He accidentally fell from a helicopter while filming “Insithong” on Dongtan Beach, South Pattaya, Chonburi Province, on October 8, 1970. He died at the age of 36 Only in general, Miter Chaebancha Museum is open for visitors to visit every day. You can contact them on the Bancha Museum Facebook book and call 0953219613.

In addition to the Mitrpancha Museum you can also light incense sticks for lucky numbers, this year the number 911.


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