“EXAT” postpones the opening of the “Bridge Parallel to Rama 9 Bridge” from March to May next year

A news report from the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) indicates that EXAT has now proposed a plan to operate No. 5 Contract, toll collection system and traffic control system. and Communications Systems, with a budget of about 800 million baht, Expressway (Express) Project, Rama 3 – Dau Khanong – Outer Ring Road, a distance of 18.7 kilometers (km), with a budget of 31 billion baht, to Mr. Surya Juangrungruangkit, Minister of Transport, to request the policy of… Will the toll be collected in a 100% barrier-free manner (M-Flow) or not, or will it be a combination of cash and M-Flow toll collection channels? This matter should be completed during October 2023. To open a tender (auction) to find a contractor to carry out the work under Contract No. 5.

News reports further say that EXAT initially set a target that will enter the bidding process at the end of October and will take approximately 3 months to complete. The contractor is expected to begin work on Contract No. 5 around the beginning of 2024 by EXAT, which will To speed up the system installation process. In order to keep pace with the opening of Rama 3 – Dau Khanong – Outer Ring Expressway along the route at the end of 2024 or early 2025, however, for the overall picture of the construction of the four contract projects, there is continued progress. Progress is currently around 66.69%, which is 2.71% faster than planned.

The first contract is to construct an elevated road from the Bang Khun Thien – Central Rama 2 interchange, with a distance of 6.4 km, with the UN-CC joint venture as the contractor. The progress rate is 49.02%, i.e. 2.38% faster than plan. Contract 2 is the construction of an elevated elevated road from Central Rama 2 – Hospital Bang Pakok 9, a distance of 5.3 km with the CTB joint venture as contractor, 80.00% progress, 3.18% faster than planned, Contract 3, work on the construction of an elevated road. Elevated road from Bang Pakok Kok Hospital 9-Dan Dao Khanong, 5 km distance, has a joint venture. ITD-VCB being the contractor Construction work is progressing at 50.20%, 3.56% faster than planned, and Contract No. 4 is a parallel cable-stayed bridge across the Chao Phraya River, with CH.Karnchang State Company Limited as the contractor. Construction work has been 100% completed.

News reports also say that EXAT still maintains tight control and emphasizes safety measures. This period is the rainy season as it rains almost every day, and EXAT has ordered a ban on working during the rainy season. For safety especially the work done at the top. There are cars passing below, such as Contract 3, which is in the process of building a double-decker highway extending the original highway. As a result, construction operations during this period may be delayed somewhat. As a result, the opening of the parallel suspension bridge across the Chao Phraya River will also be postponed. Originally scheduled to open for service around March 2024, it had to be moved to around May 2024 because we had to wait for the construction of the ascending road in the Soksawat Road area from Contract 3 to be completed first.

News reports also mentioned that for the parallel Rama 9 Bridge, it starts at the foot of the ramp of Rama 9 Bridge (Thonburi side), and was constructed as a cable-stayed bridge. It crosses the Chao Phraya River with 8 traffic lanes, and is the widest bridge across the river in Thailand, with a length of 42 metres, a middle length of 450 metres, and a length of the bridge crossing the Bangkok side is 780 metres. It is connected to a 6-lane elevated road, and ends with the project. At Bang Khlo Interchange it will be connected to Chalerm Mahanakorn Expressway. The Si Rat Highway is currently open for service, the total distance is about 2 km.

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