It’s not hot anymore! iOS 17.0.3 update to end iPhone 15 Pro problems

apple Just started iOS 17.0.3 Ready to solve the problem in iPhone 15 Pro Models run hotter than usual. This software update also includes other bug fixes. And important security updates according to Apple as well.

“iOS 17.0.3” is the second beta of iOS 17.1, which includes the new features and changes that will be released in iOS 17.1 later this month (October 2023), and in the meantime, it is possible that there will be many other betas. . Keep it updated as well.

After iOS 17.0.3 is available for updates. Many user reviews agree that the iPhone 15 Pro overheating problem has improved so much that it can almost be said that the iPhone 15 Pro overheating problem has been solved. Just update the software.

That the issue has been resolved with this iOS update is confirmation that the titanium frame of the iPhone 15 Pro does not contribute to overheating. Software updates do not reduce the performance of the A17 Pro chip in any way to resolve this issue.

In addition to the issue of the iPhone 15 Pro heating up, there is also negative news such as saying that the iPhone 15 should not be charged on wireless chargers from BMW cars because BMW owners complained that the iPhone 15’s NFC chip was damaged after charging. The device is equipped with a wireless car charging base.

At this point, Apple admits that it is not yet clear whether the issue has been fixed with iOS 17.0.3 or iOS 17.1 beta.

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