The high-speed train is expected to use the 870MHz wave, and the NBTC is discussing standards for the SRT common rail system.

NBTC reveals progress on frequency standards for high-speed rail projects. Recently, the public hearing phase was completed. Waiting for the NBTC Board to make an announcement as a condition for TOR to find a bidder. Emphasizing that the railway system must seek permission from the NBTC, including inspection of equipment standards.

Mr. Sompop Voriwikravong Broadcasting Television Business Commission The National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC Board) regarding telecommunications business disclosed this NBTC office In the process of preparing standardsrepetition To support the transportation systemRailway transportation By GSM-R (Global Systems for Mobile-Rail) technology, which was already open for comments in the past. Then the various comments will be listed. To prepare NBTC advertisements NBTC Board of Directors It was approved and a proclamation was issued for further implementation. Initially, the transmit frequency was set to be 876-915 MHz and the receive frequency 921-960 MHz.

in the pastNBTC office Has there been a discussion with the State Railways of Thailand? SRT This confirms that GSM-R technology will be used. Therefore, a technical team was sent to look into the standards. This would be in line with what Europe uses. But I must admit that it is a standard that has been used for a long time and in Thailand there may be problems with base stations with a frequency of 850-900 MHz that may experience interference. But technically there could be a solution to this problem. By modifying the base station

To create such criteria for the agency owning the project to open a high-speed rail tender or very fast train It can bring standards NBTCIdentified and announced for use in preparing the terms and conditions of the tender or conditions for use by the private sector to participate in the tender.very fast train By the way NBTCIt will only be relevant to the private sector licensee. Come to apply to use the frequency. And inspect the various equipment so that the standards are identical to the NBTC advertisement only

Mr. Sumpop said NBTCIt is his duty to prepare standards accordinglySRT Requesting the procurement portion is an agency duty or may be requested by an official NBTCYou can enter and help verify qualifications during the auction. However, the use of the frequency spectrum requires obtaining permission from NBTCIncluding bringing various equipment to ensure it meets the standards or not.

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