(News) ASK becomes loan champion. Open your arms to receive government budget assets – Mette Hone

ASK, or Asia Sermkej General Leasing Company Limited, company executives stated that this year they set a target for new loan growth of 5% of the total loan portfolio at the end of 2023 at 75 billion baht, along with controlling non-performing loans to be less than 5% over the period. Q1/24 at 5.2% level and during these 3-5 years there are plans to expand branches to cover areas across the country, as of the end of 2023, there were 19 branches.

Strict controlNon-performing loansPress to be less than 5%.

In addition, the leading company is pioneering the new truck rental market. And increasing the percentage of truck registration loans because it is a product that achieves good returns. We expect positive factors from the 2024 budget and the economic stimulus measures that the government will take. It will have a positive impact on car sales this year, reaching 800,000 units.

Target Mortgage Loans Registration

Finansia Syrus Securities stated that the 2024 budget is expected to have a positive impact on operating results in the third quarter of 2024, and ASK is focusing on controlling non-performing loan debt to no more than 5% from the first quarter of 2024 at 5.2%, which is the price The target for this year is still expected at 18 baht.

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