CASETiFY launches Fleur Expressions cases in colors inspired by blooming flowers.

CASEtiFY Introducing the latest collection under the Essentials brand by CASETiFY™ called “Fleur Expressions”. This collection is inspired by blooming flowers. Conveys brightness and vitality. Allowing users to experience the atmosphere of flowers in their daily life.

The latest product in this collection. Born from the inspiration for new beginnings and growth. Like the flowers that bloom every year, the essence of the collection is reflected in colors such as primrose pink, creamy yellow, crimson red, and in popular cases like the Ripple Case, pink represents femininity. Yellow color is full of vitality. And red gives enthusiasm. The three colors blend together perfectly. Created in colors that perfectly express growth and prosperity.


group Fleur's expressions It's not just phone cases. But it has also expanded to include other accessories under the Essentials by CASETiFY™ brand. The Ripple iPhone case has been resized and redesigned to fit AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, and is made of high-quality silicone. Gives a soft touch Available in white and primrose, there is also a stoneware case in charcoal and sand. Pink and brick Rope Neck Strap and Pink and Cream Yellow Bounce Band Wrist Strap.

Essentials by CASETiFY™: Fleur Expressions is now available online worldwide at the website. and CASETiFY Studio in all branches, including CentralWorld and Emshere branches in Thailand, or you can find more information about Essentials by CASETiFY™ at

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