NBTC Explains Mobile Banking on May 27 More Usable: PPTVHD36

The NBTC office clarified on May 27 that mobile banking can be used as usual, requesting the cooperation of AMLO and commercial banks as intermediaries to match numbers linked to mobile banking. To solve ghost sim problem – horse account

The Office of the Broadcasting Commission wants to clarify the television business and the National Telecommunication Commission (NBTC Office). In messages about screening mobile bank numbers (SIM cards) linked to bank accounts, they should match. The process is currently underway from May 27, 2024 and mobile banking can be used as usual. This policy calls for the cooperation of the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) and banks.

Let the NBTC office act as an intermediary in coordinating with mobile phone service providers. It is part of government policy to address the problem of criminals using it as a channel for online transactions to verify information.

As per the procedure, the bank collects the accounts with mobile banking linked phone numbers and forwards them to AMLO and forwards them to the NBTC office to reconfirm the network before contacting the mobile phone service provider.

For this policy, if there is sufficient reason, the NBTC office has received confirmation from AMLO to explain the need for the application It is at the discretion of the bank to consider exemptions such as opening mobile banking to children or youth. Or elderly parents with company numbers that clearly show their identity.

And soon the NBTC office will hold a meeting to discuss with mobile phone service providers. For the convenience of service users, they should change their holder name to match their mobile banking. Don't be an unnecessary burden on people. By providing the most relevant and effective promotional materials.

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